The Deception Behind The Women’s March In Washington

The Women’s March which descended upon Washington D.C. and across the nation, apparently in response to the election of Trump as president, marketed itself as being inclusive, non-partisan and generated a statement on their official website that says, “We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

Ironically, the rally was held on the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 abortion ruling in Roe vs. Wade. Apparently, unborn fetuses don’t need to be defended, just helpless women who hold a grudge against society after eight years of Democrat rule in the White House under Obama.

It is estimated that over 1800 buses were used to shuttle women from across the country like cattle to the event. However, many of the women who had brought their children had a difficult time articulating why they were even there. Ironically, pro-life Muslim women were welcome but non-Muslim women who were pro-life were not. Perhaps this may have had something to do with one of the organizer’s, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim Palestinian- American activist, who has ties to Hamas inspired organizations and has a record of defending Islamic Jihad members such as Muhammad Allen, a known recruiter of suicide bombers. Sarsour has a history of being involved in a number of protests including Black Lives Matter, Ferguson and the Trayvon Martin uprisings.

More evidence has revealed that more than 50 Soros-Funded groups partnered with the Women’s March. Not only was this a well organized event, it was a partisan event and Soros money was everywhere. NYT reporter Asra A. Nomani found financial ties between Soros and at least 56 of the March’s “partners.”

Another group which promoted the ‘March’ and has been prevalent at protests across the country is CPUSA, Communist Party U.S.A. It actively promoted the Women’s March on its website and never has missed an opportunity for disruption at events such as BLM, Ferguson and Trump rallies.

Interestingly, another shadow pro-abortion group who has strongly opposed President Trump on the campaign trail that didn’t hesitate to take to the streets in protest was the Satanic Temple, a group of self-proclaimed atheists and Satanists. This group proudly walked down the street dressed in all black holding the Satanic Temple sign. The Satanists are beginning to become less elusive, though and are now promoting after school Satanic groups for our youth and a self declared Satanic middle school teacher was able to successfully have a Satanic symbol displayed at a square in Boca Raton, Florida.

After Trump’s inauguration many supporters believed that our country had been saved from the over reach of an out of control government and influence from radical leftists and Islamists. It appears that the battle will continue as some organizers who support shariah law claim to fight for women’s rights, others who support communist demagoguery call for women’s emancipation, while others who deny God have chosen promote an evil darkness.


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