Killing the Boy Scouts Portends Much Worse

While everyone was watching the wild histrionics of 109 people being delayed entry into the country for a day or two last weekend, something of much larger and darker import happened.

The Boy Scouts of America changed its policy to allow transgenders to join, thereby lodging another nail in its own coffin. The mother of an 8-year-old New Jersey girl, who now is identifying as a boy, filed a civil rights complaint after her daughter/son was kicked out for being a girl. A mere week later the Scouts caved. A once great organization now riven by craven political correctness and bullied into submission by the powerful LGBTQ activist community is being relegated to history.

Homosexual boys were allowed to be Scouts in 2013. Scout leaders can be homosexuals as of 2015. And now in 2017 children can join based on whatever gender identity they are choosing when they sign up — not what they were “assigned” at birth (you know, by having a penis or vagina.)

This means a child born a girl, but choosing to identify as a boy, can join the Boy Scouts. To be clear — because clarity is difficult to come by in this moral morass — she’s a girl. I can identify as a young black slave woman living in 1760. But I’m still a middle age white male living in 2017. Reality does not change because we identify it differently. Reality remains reality.

Except apparently in our inside out, upside down culture of post-modernity, where reality is what we choose to call it, or not call it. Your call.

The destruction train

Yes, it’s all quite insane. But it is also deeply destructive, something few people want to say out loud. It’s destructive of the individual — no reasonable person should think it is healthy for parents to allow or even encourage a confused 8-year-old girl into being a boy, or vice-versa. It’s destructive to an organization by utterly changing its nature and character. And it’s destructive to the nation by forcing citizens into dangerous and uncomfortable positions to appease the tiniest of gender-confused minorities.

And this train of destruction is bearing down on the Church.

Make no mistake. The church — not the mosque or the synagogue — is coming into the crosshairs of the LGBTQ activists. Well-heeled and politically connected LGBT activists have won every single cultural war they have started. Occasionally, they are set back in a battle temporarily. But eventually, and usually sooner than later, they get everything they want. Just consider the speed at which we arrived at accepting gay marriage. Even Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama did not accept it (publicly) 10 years ago.

Christian parents were a disproportionately large percentage of the Boy Scouts. The year after caving into the LGBTQ demand for gay Scout masters, Boy Scout membership dropped 7 percent. But Cub Scout membership, the feeder band for the Boy Scouts, dropped 14 percent. That’s a pretty sharp decline over just a few months.

Fighting back

Meanwhile, Trail Life USA, an overtly Christian alternative to the decaying Boy Scouts, saw its membership go from 0 to 20,000 in its first two years, with chapters in 48 states. The next year, it grew by 10,000 more. A high percentage appears to be former Scouts, or those who would have joined the Scouts. This trend will continue and the Boy Scouts will slowly die out or become some perverse rump organization of what they used to be.

With this standard of virtue, morality and traditional manhood now shriveling up in the dustbin of history, with marriage now redefined and undermined, and with schools and public places being forced to allow men into girls bathrooms and locker rooms, there remains one big fat target yet to be attacked head on: The Christian Church.

Some of the old mainstream denominations that have become more clubs in many respects than anything resembling a biblical church, will be the first to go. They are the low-hanging targets for the transgender part of LGBTQ. Sadly, many of these are only tangentially tethered to Christianity through historical tradition, not through any notions of Christ-centered faith. Some are already ordaining gays as priests and ministers and it shows as their membership continues to decline — just like the Boy Scouts. Destruction.

The real targets will be Evangelicals and Catholics, the backbone of Christianity in the nation. Be ready, brethren. Be prepared to give a defense. Stand firm all. Because they are indeed coming for you.

For us.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

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