VIOLENT ACTION ALERT: ‘Roudy As Hell Autonomous Rebels’ F17 Strike in Tucson, AZ

The demonstrations that seemingly just “pop-up” are not at all what they appear.

These are planned and well-coordinated acts of anarchy with the intent to promote destruction of property, both private and public, and to disrupt financial sectors creating financial loss and hardships on business. Those involved are trained in various forms of destruction including, but not limited to: physical violence, the setting of fires, breaking and entering, destruction of property, aggressive acts towards law enforcement. The information below substantiates what I just wrote, and the recent Berkeley campus riots are further proof of anarchists accomplishing far more than exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Tucson, Arizona downtown is now scheduled to experience a Berkeley-style demonstration.

An action notice to disrupt downtown Tucson on February 17th at the Ronstadt Transit Center has been posted by

igd_square-300x300F17 Tucson: Strike Is a Verb!

No Pipelines or Presidents on Stolen Land. Or Anywhere.

For a World Without Borders, Prisons, or Police.

        To be sure, No Ban – No Wall.

Always Anti-Capitalist, Always Anti-Fascist,

          Rowdy As Hell.

In response to the call for a national general strike on February 17th, a group of autonomous rebels hope to open up space for resistance here on occupied Tohono O’odham land, Tucson, Arizona.

Meeting at 6PM at the Ronstadt Transit Center downtown, we will gather with the intention of being as disruptive as possible. In order to not be complicit in the continued destruction of the earth, in the cycle of genocide and fear mongering and racist hate, we have to choose to disobey. We must make it impossible for this system to govern on stolen land.

Participants are encouraged to come organized to carry out whatever plans you can come up with – our intention is to open up a space to make varied forms of resistance possible depending on YOUR desires! Anyone without the capacity or desire to come with a prepared group is, of course, absolutely welcome and encouraged to show up! Some resources on organizing affinity groups to carry out actions in the safest and most effective ways possible can be found here and here.

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