Gold Star Widow, Iraq War Veteran, denounce Iranian Regime Crimes against the American People

IRAN NOOSEThe Islamic State of Iran Crime Research Center (ISICRC) notes, “38 years after the revolution in Iran, the killing continues. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the IRGC, has killed an estimated 1500 U.S. soldiers in Iraq using Explosively Formed Projectiles, EFPs.”

Readers may hear from two of violence against victims of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The ISICRC posted the video “The Islamic State of Iran: 38 Years of Crime” on its website:


ISICRC’s mission is to compile the most comprehensive searchable database of news, publications and documentary evidence of human rights violations by the Islamist regime of Iran. We strive to spread awareness and seek justice for the victims by exposing the profile of abusers, torturers, agents of human rights violations and operatives of the Islamist’s reign of terror.

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