We MUST deal with the ‘New World’ Generation

For years now, Americans have talked and theorized about the “New World Order” – a term that has been meshed with the much older term “One World Order” – and most today believe that the two terms are now and always have been synonymous. They were not always synonymous however…

new world order generation

‘New World’ generation.

One World Order was the Marxist design for a One World Government under some form of totalitarianism, now labeled a number of “ism’s” like global progressivism or liberal democracy and most often referred to as the New World Order today. The point of origin for the much newer term New World Order came from George H.W. Bush’s famous “thousand points of light” speech.

These two ideas were once diametrically opposing views at their point of origin. Global Communism under a One World Order is not what Bush spoke about in his New World Order speech. Bush took office following Reagan, the fall of the Soviet Empire and the downing of the Berlin Wall. Bush was talking about a new world governed by the “rule of law” and international diplomacy in a world where only one superpower was left standing, The United States of America.

Today, academics and conspiracy theorists have made the two terms appear synonymous, which is why many Americans have no idea who or what to trust. We talk a lot about the intentional muddying of waters in the FIVE STAR rated book, TRUMPED: The New American Revolution. Readers have posted over and over again that “every American must read TRUMPED to possess a full understanding of the war for America ahead.”

For Trump to say he inherited a mess, is a gross understatement. Trump took office after a hundred-years of dismantling America. Nowhere is this more obvious than in a glance at the New World Generation, the so-called millennials, whom we see rioting in the streets across our country today, fighting for all the wrong causes…

Trump entered lawless Post Constitutional Chaos

Since the days of Ozzy and Harriet, when one income would feed and house a family – and parents raised their children – parents are no longer the strongest influence in their kids’ lives. Television, video games, k-12 public indoctrination to “New World” thinking and 60s radicals, now college professors, politicians and judges have more influence over our kids… Other kids have more influence than parents have and if you dare attempt to parent your children, you could end up with your children wards of the state.

Since when is rioting, destroying private or public property, inciting violence and subverting our laws a protected First Amendment Right? It isn’t – it never has been and never should be. But the community organizers in politics, the courts, Hollywood, mass media, education and even many churches have taught our kids that these acts of resistance are a form of protected speech… Imagine that! These acts intended to shut down the free speech of others are now believed to be a form of free speech itself.

We face a New World Generation

Of course, these kids think us old folks are full of racist and bigoted nonsense. That’s what the village that raised them told them, while we were at work and they were in school. They grew up swimming in a sewer of “fake news” – “fake education” – “fake reality” – “fake morals” – “fake justice” – “fake preaching” – “fake political leaders” and “fake parenting.” No wonder they live in a “fake grasp of reality.”

If you have children under age 30, there is a very good chance that your children are part of the New World Generation. The indoctrination that started on the college campus in the 60s now reaches k-12 public education through Federal Education Mandates like Common Core.

The average age of the “resistance” in our streets today is 19… The LGBT and abortion rights groups aside. I am referring to the anarchists causing chaos in cities and town hall meetings across the country. If you think these events are in any way organic in nature, think again. These events are highly organized and well-funded. Leading this community organizing effort are the following organizations. (The full list is far too long to present here.)

The above list could go on for pages and pages, but these are main players in the push-back against Trump’s effort to return America to the rule of constitutional law so that the American people are free to make America great again!

However, the kids they are community organizing into street riots are seldom aware of who or what they are fighting for, or why. They do not just oppose Trump, they oppose every fundamental American foundation.

They cause race riots while claiming to be against racism. They silence the free speech of others, in the name of free speech. They fight against the foundational principles of freedom and liberty, while calling for freedom and liberty. They are horrifically misinformed, but no less sure of themselves and committed to their causes, which are often counter-intuitive to their stated goals.

Addressing the New World Generation

We have a serious problem here… the 2016 election was the last election in which the All-American generations outnumbered the New World Generation in the voting booth. From this point forward, the children raised and indoctrinated into New World Order (really One World Order) ideologies will outnumber the All-American generations at election time.

The people rioting in our streets right now will have the voting power to decide the future of the United States, which they don’t even know is a Constitutional Republic rather than the “liberal democracy” under global Marxism they were taught in school.

As I write, representatives of our Government meet with other globalists in Munich Germany for the Munich Security Conference. If you read the organizational report titled Munich Security Report 2017 – Post-Truth, Post-West, Post-Order – you will see that Trump isn’t just at war with the news media or congressional democrats. It’s Trump against One World Order global leaders put in place by Soros, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and many others – propped up by McCain, Graham and numerous others in congress.

Quoted from page 6 of the report:

“The Populist and Anti-Globalist Challenge in the West: The Politics of Fear in a Post-Truth World

The past twelve months have been a resounding rejection of the status quo. In several elections and referenda, political outsiders succeeded, while the establishment was dealt major blows. Populist parties are now part of the government in about a dozen Western democracies. And even in countries where populists only received a small share of the vote, they often exert a defining influence by shifting the debate or pressuring mainstream parties to adopt different policy agendas. Economic factors may explain part of the populist rise: incomes for a majority of citizens in industrialized economies have stagnated or fallen between 2007 and 2014.

However, in the US, for instance, analyses show that it was “not economic hardship but anxiety about the future that predicted whether people voted for Trump.”

There is also a cultural backlash against so-called “globalism” from which the populist surge draws. The main dividing line in politics runs less and less between left and right but between a liberal cosmopolitan pole and a populist (or even xenophobic authoritarian) one. Populist parties reject the cultural modernization in Western societies and revolt against what they perceive as threats to the nation, ranging from immigration and cosmopolitan elites to international institutions. They dismiss pluralism and liberalism, essential elements of liberal democracies.

Populists are experts in the politics of agitation, forming an “axis of fear” across the West that exploits insecurities and grievances of the electorate, often by twisting the facts or even by spreading outright lies that speak to the preconceptions of their supporters. And they may not even be punished by voters for not offering solutions.

In his farewell speech, German President Joachim Gauck warned of the dangers for Western democracies: “We should remember that if we only accept as fact what we already believe anyway and if half-truths, interpretations, conspiracy theories and rumors count every bit as much as the truth, then the path is clear for demagogues and autocrats.”

With good reason, the editors of the Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed “post truth” the word of the year 2016. Beyond all the dangers for democracy, this also has a very clear security dimension: If politicians, for instance, lie about crowd sizes, say demonstrably wrong things about previously held positions and suggest that falsehoods are merely “alternative facts,” can citizens and allies trust them on national security issues?”

Note the carefully crafted dialect used to paint pro-Americanism into a “anti-democratic, xenophobic authoritarian, fear-mongering, alternative fact and post-truth” corner labeled racist and bigoted to stomp out the so-called “populist” (aka All-American) backlash against global Marxism. Note that this same terminology is echoed by the entire U.S. News Media in a constant mind-warping drip, drip, drip. It’s the same lies in the same terminology that has been taught to our kids in schools and even in many “new world view” churches for decades now.

McCain’s speech in Munich bordered on both subversion of the new Trump Administration and treason. Comments by Vice President Mike Pence were not much better. It’s clear that despite the election of Donald J. Trump, the global left intends to undermine his administration and keep the train to global Marxism on track.

Our kids simply do not know any better…

If you are a pro-Trump, pro-American greatness voter with kids, odds are good that you have been shouted down by your kids or grandkids for your support of Trump and his pro-American message, aimed to improve the conditions of every American citizen without any regard for race, creed or color. You may have even had the pleasure of being called “racist, xenophobic or Nazi-like” by the very people to whom you gave life.

Trump is right – He cannot fight this war alone!

McCain appears to be leading the global effort to undermine and destroy Trump, an overt act of TREASON in the good ole days when we still followed the Rule of Constitutional Law. Some of Trump’s initial cabinet choices were quickly identified as enemies within and cut loose immediately.

McCain has helpers, like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, along with nearly every Democrat. The news media, academia and the courts are also at war with Trump, whose agenda stands in the way of the Global Commune.

In just the past two days, Trump has sent out a mailer begging for support from the people who elected him, stating point blank that “I cannot do this alone.” A clear warning published last May in the FIVE STAR rated book TRUMPED: The New American Revolution – a book not about Trump or the election, but rather the revolution that would begin upon his election and inauguration.

Tweeting, Facebooking, Tea Partying and prepping isn’t going to be enough to prevent the global powers from destroying Trump and the United States. The people must assemble, unite and commit themselves to coordinated strategic initiatives to protect Trump and his all-American agenda, or he will fail in his effort to make America great again!

According to the cooked books of the 2016 election, some 62,979,636 Americans voted for Donald J. Trump. If they truly want to make America great again and destroy the people who are working to destroy Trump, they must gather for the battle ahead. Trump now knows that he is facing overwhelming odds.

STOP WHINING ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING… STOP ASKING WHAT TRUMP WILL DO FOR YOU AND START ASKING WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP TRUMP! People serious about doing that in a legal and peaceful manner should unite HERE today!

We must protect the American agenda at all cost! But we must also deal with the New World Generation in desperate need of socio-political deprogramming. If we fail to address the next generation of voters, we might win this battle, but soon after, lose the war!


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