A New Era: Trump vs. Obama, White House vs. Shadow White House

This is a new era for our country. The election never ended. And apparently never will. And that seems to be the plan.

We have a new president, Donald Trump, who is unlike any president we’ve had in modern times. And we have a former president, Barak Obama, acting unlike any president we’ve had in modern history or perhaps ever.

It’s creating a dynamic that is both divisive and subversive, generating fissures in families, communities, organizations and the nation. It portends deep dangers for the country. But one thing it is most definitely not, is spontaneous.

Trump’s methodologies are well chronicled — very well chronicled — by the media. From his incautious verbal bombast and tweets to his reasonable policies and appointments reflecting his winning campaign.

But the other side is less well known, and undoubtedly will remain so for consumers of the mainstream media. But the veil was pulled back recently in a New York Post article.

The bottom line is that former President Obama maintained his campaign organization, now called Organizing for America OFA, throughout his second term and is now running it from a D.C. office a short distance from the White House. It is funded by George Soros-backed organizations and others, has literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and Obama said in December that he plans to keep fighting for his agenda after he was out of office.

This is pre-planned and purposeful.

The only question is how many of the demonstrations around the country, from street protests, to interstate blockages, to school blockades to airport protests, to riots were organized by Obama’s OFA? Were they doing so while he was still President? And how many of the leaks pouring out of the State Department and other federal bureaucracies are coordinated or encouraged by Obama’s OFA?

One thing we definitely know is that the mainstream media is unlikely to ever dig into any of this. When it comes to Obama wrongdoings, they are stunningly disinterested. There are no Woodward and Bernsteins digging into this when the media can just focus on Trump tweets.

What we know

This is hard to say, but a very realistic conclusion can be arrived at that Barak Obama is actively working to undermine this country, at least as far as being the world’s powerhouse.

We know that because he himself said that the world is a better place if America is not the lone superpower. We know that because there is no other way to explain “fundamentally transforming” the greatest nation on earth, maybe ever, without making it weaker or lesser. Fundamentally transforming would not make it incrementally better, by definition. We know this because of his actions from preemptively taking our defensive shield out of Eastern Europe while getting nothing in return from Russia, to doubling the national debt to a staggering $20 trillion, to severely weakening the military through funding starvation.

Oh the list of evidences goes on.

But the conclusion wrapped up with the new revelations about OFA explains so much of what we’ve been seeing. Obama never disbanded his huge political organization — long before Trump was on the scene. The realistic conclusion? Obama planned to do this no matter which Republican was elected.

It is a planned, funded effort to undermine a duly elected president. This is actually a war — non-shooting war and may it stay that way — but an all-out war against a new administration. This is *not* how we have handled our presidential transitions before. You want permanent divisiveness? This is how you get it. You want a weaker America? This is how you get it.

And Barak Obama has given us every indication to conclude that is what he wants.

The evidence piles up

Really, once you begin piling up the evidence that is sitting out there in public, the case is surprisingly strong:

  • Obama said there is nothing more exceptional about America than any other country. If you are a Frenchman, you think France is exceptional, and so on. So in his eyes, America is not exceptional.
  • Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America (when it was already the greatest nation.) He has done that and we are worse off. That strongly suggests intent.
  • Obama said the world is better if America is weaker, if we are not the only super power. He believes that a tension of two or more super powers maintains peace, such as the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine with the Soviet Union.
  • Obama told the United Nations, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” This came after Islamists slaughtered 3,000 American civilians on 9-11, and while around the world Islamists are slaughtering those who slander the prophet and everyone else not on their side.
  • Obama created a gateway for nukes and terrorist funding to Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States, through the Iran nuclear agreement. That was never signed by Iran or approved by the United States, but Obama sent the Mullahs $400 million in cash on an airplane as part of their unfrozen assets.
  • Obama actively distanced us from our strongest allies in England and Israel, right from the start of his administration.
  • Obama doubled the national debt to about $20 trillion, hampering us now and putting us in grave danger down the road. This is a financial weight our children will have to carry and virtually all of which went to transfer payments. Disastrous. And on purpose.
  • Obama influences have been subversives and anti-Americans such as Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright among others. Ayers was a terrorist and Wright actively seeks doom for the country.

On top of this heap is OFA

And now, on top of that incomplete litany, we find that Obama is reportedly building an organization (funded by others) to essentially fight in the streets of America against the duly elected government of the United States.

This is not overstated. It’s obviously not about Trump. Obama kept his organization all along. He was going to do this regardless of which Republican won. Trump just offers some more protesters to manipulate.

What American presidents have ever acted in such a subversive way, actively ginning up strife and unrest throughout the country in pursuit of “fundamental change” after they were out of office?

There’s no other way to read the signs. Obama means to continue the divisive strife and anger and is apparently OK if it rips the country apart.

Maybe more than OK.

After all, what is the difference between an acceptable consequence and a desired outcome if the actions lead to the same end? None.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

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