ACT For America’s Brigette Gabriel [a.k.a. Hanan Qahwaji]: Inning Two Begins

In the days after I wrote about the liberal ideologies of ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel, her birth name is Hanan Qahwaji, toward Islam, mosques and the firing of an ACT chapter leader I have gotten tremendous feedback. My column was about her firing of ACT chapter leaders LTC Roy White, a retired U.S. Air Force officer and pilot of the A-10 fighting War Hog, and more importantly a true and pure American patriot has been a proud moment in my life.  Roy is a man you want on your side in any war.

After the article I received hundreds of calls and emails from people who know Gabriel and also Roy White.  It has been a lifetime’s worth of wow and oh my gosh moments!  I had dozens of current ACT chapter leaders and many more current members who told me in quite loud words that they were tired of Gabriel’s love for the all mighty dollar and her liberal thoughts on the satanic evils of Islam. 

LTC Roy White speaking before the Texas Legislature in January 2017. Photo by Ilana Panich-Lindsman.

Gabriel now preaches that Islam is peaceful and loving and she believes this peace loving ideology is good and only a few radicals have hijacked Islam and these people are her targets and not the over 3000 mosques in America nor the millions of Muslims who attend them. On 9/11/2001 there were just over 1,000 mosques in America.

Gabriel advises that the mosques are opened legally in America and should not be looked at by her members. We need to ask Gabriel if she supports CAIR, ISNA and Planned Parenthood.  Each of these hell hole organizations advocate hate and murder and were also opened legally in America.  Should we also support Americas Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leader Congressman Keith Ellison out of Minnesota?  He was legally elected.

This is what some of the former chapter leaders, current ones, and Americans who know Gabriel told me:

  1. Gabriel formed her non profit organization for money and her Hollywood style life reflects that.
  2. Gabriel does not care for her members and Chapter leaders. They are tools to bring in millions of dollars for her.
  3. Gabriel charges between $3,000 and $10,000 to her chapter leaders for her coming to their locations.  Not always that much but the majority of times.
  4. Many times when she goes to an event she brings with her a whole entourage of staff to include a hairdresser.
  5. A member of Israeli intelligence stated Gabriel is not who she says she is and the facts she states about her life in Lebanon are dramatically fabricated. Israelis have been looking into her for being a total oil of Hamas. Readers keep in mind I personally don’t know if this is true but I can guarantee you I will find out the truth.
  6. Gabriel is an egotistical person who seeks the attention of politicians and the media. This is one of the reasons she gives Islam a free pass just as Fox News journalists such as Hannity, O’Reilly and all others do. Gabriel and these pseudo journalists never ever say that the Islamic ideology is the problem our free world faces.  Instead they say Islam and the billion Muslims are peace loving and only a small number of radicals have hijacked Islam.
  7. Many people informed me that Gabriel weekly pressures the Chapter leaders to give and raise more money for her. They constantly feel stressed.
  8. Many chapter leaders (over 60 thus far) have reported to me they were resigning or have done so after my article about Gabriel.
  9. Numerous ACT chapter leaders and members say they are looking for a true American patriot and true conservative who are not afraid to say Islam is evil, the mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists, and Muslims who attend the 3000 mosques who desire the destruction of Israel and America are an American national security problem.  I highly suggested they support John Guandolo, Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer.
  10. Hundreds of people say that Gabriel fired an American hero (LTC Roy White) for looking into national security issues in mosques and that action confirms their years of believing that Gabriel was not who she publicly claims to be.  They called her a con woman and fraud.

I will be seeking more information on each of these allegations.

This is only a sampling of what people wrote about Gabriel.  It is now crunch time.  You can either believe that Islam and mosques are peaceful, loving and tolerant like Gabriel and some Fox News staff do, or you can believe that Mohammed was,

  • Evil and a child rapist for marrying a six year old child and raping her.
  • That the Islamic ideology itself is pure satanic evil and advocates throughout their mosques the destruction of Israel, America and the millions of Americans.
  • Islam strongly in 2017 advocates the marriage of small children and then raping them for years.
  • And Islam has always had slavery and still does.

Please contact me with your comments positive or negative about my articles.  Email is, phone 276 930 1227.  My site is

NOTE: Gabriel and her staff heard about me that I was putting out an article about her firing Roy White so she quickly put out a letter giving False reasons for filing him.  She did this as a cover up.  You can tell the letter was rushed because there are no less than 30 typos in a short letter.


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  1. William
    William says:

    Brigitte is suspect since the day she announced Muslims should be able to build their mosque anywhere just not ground zero, that struck me like someone saying its o.k to cut someone a thousand times just don’t go for the throat.

    Mosque are the barracks for the soldiers of Allah, yet ACT members are not to mention this because it’s apparently offensive to Brigitte.

    Brigitte can remain a credible person if she makes a statement mosque must be targeted for spreading terrorist materials, she must designate funds to infiltrate mosque for the purpose of shutting them down, that is an organization watching over the safety of Americans, not to protect those nice muslims she says exist and run those mosque.

    • Don Spilman
      Don Spilman says:

      Good word William: I have had a falling out with ACT for some time now. I will not support anyone who cannot say that izslime is totally evil. After a while Spencer’s site, jihad watch, blocked my comments. Arutz Sheva blocked me four years ago, four or five lesser sites have invited me leave as well. Good ol BARENAKEDISLAM will let the truth go out thankfully. I have been writing there for most of 8 years.


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