The Truth about the termination San Antonio ACT for America Chapter Leader — LTC Roy White

This column exposes how the ACT for America National leadership decided to terminate their ACT San Antonio, Texas chapter leader LTC Roy White, USAF (Retired).

DISCLAIMER: Over ten years ago I was ACT chapter leader in Sarasota County, Florida. I worked with the former senior staff of ACT including Guy Rogers and Kelly Cook, both of whom have left ACT. LTC White has been a contributor to this publication and we have obtained information from LTC White and other sources which detail how his termination was handled.

Readers may come to their own conclusions about this termination of a highly successful volunteer, ACT chapter leader and its impact on ACT for America national leadership and goals.

This column is based upon what actually happened in real time. It is a jumping off point for a further investigation and a discussion of the mission, vision and role of ACT for America national.

The Cause for LTC  White’s Firing

On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 ACT for America San Antonio scheduled its monthly meeting. The speaker was Karen Lugo, Constitutional attorney and author of the book Mosques in America. Ms. Lugo is a recognized speaker based upon her experiences of how building codes, zoning ordinances  are often not adhered to when it comes to Islamic facilities under construction and how citizens can learn from these experiences. The promotion for the event may be found here and here.

On Thursday, February 23rd LTC White was removed as the San Antonio Chapter Leader of ACT for America for failing to follow Mr. J. Craig, ACT for America’s Director Field Operations, recommendation to “cancel the meeting.”

Read Mr Craig’s letter terminating LTC White here.

The Changing Narrative for LTC White’s Firing

Text messages from January 21st to January 24th between LTC White and Mr. Craig show the reasons for directing LTC White to cancel the meeting changed over time:

  1. “Bad messaging”, “looks bad with the media” perceptions created by the CAIR press release (phone conversation between Mr. Craig and LTC White)
  2. “Shutting down mosques” are words used by Mr. Craig but not by LTC White in two emails.
  3. “Legal action against ACT”.

Resignation Notification to ACT for America

According to LTC White:

“I informed Mr. Craig I would be resigning from ACT for America upon my return home from my meeting on the evening of February 23rd via text message at 1:12 PM.  Accepting my resignation would’ve resulted in far less ammunition being given to the Islamists.”

LTC White texted Mr. Craig, “After I return tonight I will submit my letter of resignation. You want have to fire me. No hard feelings.”


This link is to a few of the nearly 200 persons who attended the actual event.

Brigitte Gabriel has inspired thousands of persons over the years to stand up to CAIR and the Islamists who continue to push their Sharia compliant agenda. It seems something has changed at ACT.

When one of ACT’s most capable and loyal chapter leaders is subsequently fired for putting those words into action, it is clear they don’t want leaders, they want “puppets” for ACT National to use as donor collection sites to fund a never ending thirst for money and donors.

Brigitte has preached against political correctness (PC) speech about Islam for years. There is nothing more non-PC than holding meetings despite CAIR press releases. ACT is undergoing change. This shift occurred at the same time a $500,000 anonymous donation was made in late 2016. Has that donation come with strings attached?

LTC White noted:

“I expect taking criticism from CAIR and other Islamic groups. I just never thought I’d receive such vicious attacks from my own organization.

A veteran of 20 years, I’ve met as many or more great patriots in my last seven years as I did with the patriots I served with in my twenty years as a veteran.

It is an honor to call John Guandolo, Clare Lopez, Lt Gen Michael Flynn, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Steve Coughlin, Jim Simpson, Nonie Darwish, Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Karen Lugo and too many more as friends.  To have them share their perspectives with my San Antonio members is something I will continue to do.

I add to this list all of the great patriots, Chapter Leaders, mentors, former ACT National staff and most importantly my local ACT for America members who have loyally made our Chapter so strong and a target for CAIR. You have my undying respect for being in the fight.”

What Donors Should be Asking

  1. ACT for America needs less “cult-like” mentality and more transparency.  Donors should ask what is actually being accomplished by ACT for America.  Merely following a fiery speaker because he or she has a great stump speech is of little long term value to this country.
  2. Donors should demand to see real results, not speeches that provoke emotion.  Demand transparency.
  3. Determine if the leadership or the National staff is directly involved in those “wins” or merely cheerleaders on the sideline taking credit for the victories by their unpaid volunteers. Those successes are then touted by National in mailings to gain dollars that never return to the local level but go into the National coffer.

ACT’s  New Buzzword: “Messaging” – What it Really Means is “Political Correctness”

It is my assessment that political speak had crept into the ACT lexicon ten years ago and most recently “messaging” has replaced the very unpopular phrase “political correctness” at ACT national.  Conference calls and Chapter Leader emails provide a chilling narrative of controlling the “message”. In LTC White’s case telling the truth about Islam and mosques. In this case ACT treated LTC White like the enemy because he wanted the truth to be told to his members and brought a nationally recognized speaker on mosques to speak to them about the threat.

ACT for America accomplished what CAIR and the SPLC wanted to accomplish, eliminate one of ACT’s most outspoken and effective chapter leaders.

It is no surprise CAIR attempts to intimidate religious leaders to shut down ACT meetings in San Antonio by asking religious leaders such as Rabbi Scheinberg of Rodfei Shalom Synagogue (link here) or Pastor Steve Branson of Village Parkway Baptist Church (link here) to deny ACT a meeting location.  It is a credit to these fine men and congregations they don’t back down from CAIR.

What I, as a former ACT chapter leader nor LTC White, didn’t expect is to have ACT for America, via Mr. Craig, kowtow to CAIR and shut down the truth from being spoken.

Leaders who lean forward and have earned the organization’s trust with a proven track record shouldn’t be fired for telling the truth.  LTC White was an ACT Mentor for the last two years. He traveled thousands of miles sharing ACT’s vision including visits with the author.  Yet because CAIR sends out a press release, Mr. Craig and ACT National demands demanded that LTC White cancel a meeting for bad “messaging?”

ACT can regain some credibility among its members and donors by doing the following:

  1. Immediately remove those key persons from leadership positions who executed this decision or have those above them accept responsibility publicly. LTC White was willing to resign over his decision, ACT national leadership needs to be willing to do the same. From conversations with ACT members (click here to read letters from ACT members) a consensus is forming that National leadership should be removed as their trustworthiness and credibility with members and chapter leaders has dramatically declined. What chapter leader wants to stick his or her head out only to have it chopped off by ACT national?
  2. Recall the February 23rd message sent to ALL CHAPTER LEADERS. A new message acknowledging ACT’s rush to judgement in firing LTC White and an apology restoring his honor and credibility in the eyes of ACT Chapter Leaders needs to be sent out.
  3. Recall press releases that dealt with this situation and send out an acknowledgement of ACT’s rush to judgement in firing LTC White and announcing his departure from ACT as a loyal and patriot in the fight against the spread of Islamic ideology that threatens the U.S. Constitution.

I believe ACT for America has the potential to do great work in protecting the U.S. Constitution but it won’t meet that potential without internal changes.

ACT for America is nothing without its donors, members and Chapter Leaders. They should demand the following actions be taken. If not taken by June 1st, 2017 with a completion of all tasks by August 2017, members and chapter leaders should re-consider their support of ACT for America. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Ask for Chapter Leader volunteers (not ACT National staff or leaders) to create a poll asking a series of questions, a “Climate Survey”, of what is right and what is wrong within ACT. This would include reorganization and allocation of resources to those areas that support the local ACT Chapter much more directly than current practices. Publish those results with an action plan with dollars attached to that action plan. Present those results and the plan to donors and members so they can see if ACT is serious about changing course.
  2. Devise a 2-3 month long training program with the help of Chapter Leader Mentors for potential ACT Chapter Leaders that upon successful graduation new Chapter Leader applicants are awarded a chapter certification increasing the chances of success for their chapter, a suggestion previously made by me but was never approved.
  3. Provide a more accurate account to members, the public and to donors the number of chapters in ACT for America. The 1000+ number includes inactive chapters and inactive chapters are worthless except when it comes to making false claims about how large an organization claims to be. ACT for America must become more transparent and that means being honest. To be listed as an ACT for America chapter on the website a chapter must do one of the following:
    1. At least quarterly conduct an actual meeting with speakers or action oriented activities, (lobby in the State Capitol, attend an interfaith dialogue event…it doesn’t have to be just a speaker).
    2. Conduct an online conference call, live Facebook, YouTube presentations or web conference calls to those in each chapter area.
    3. Produce a local newsletter, email or publication related to ACT for America on a quarterly basis.

Donors, members and Chapter Leaders will have to decide on whether to stay with ACT for America or not if these recommendations are not accepted and accomplished. If chapter leaders can’t trust national leadership, what’s the point?

However, here is hope beyond ACT. As the saying goes, God works in mysterious ways.

Iran is home to the fastest growing Evangelical Christian growth in the world at nearly 20%. Afghanistan is the second fastest at 17% thanks to men like Dr. Hormoz Shariat at Iran Alive Ministries and other non-profits like Open Doors, The Voice of the Martyrs and many other religious groups who are risking their lives everyday.

In the U.S. groups like Dr. Mark Pfeiffer at The Christian Institute for Islamic Studies or Reverend Joe Carey at Radical Truth are providing the knowledge to Christians who are fighting to win the souls of Muslims in bringing them to the Lord and training church congregations on how to do that in their own community.

LTC White believes that, “The most successful way to keep anyone from becoming a Jihadist is to introduce them to the Lord but that takes a special skill and these groups and others are on the front lines teaching congregations how to win the most important battle, the one for their souls. The most effective way to keep a prevent a non-Sharia compliant Muslim to become a Sharia compliant jihadist is to touch their spiritual nature through Christ.  Would Jews be upset if a Muslim leaves a ideology that teaches to kill Jews and Christians who  converts to a faith that says to love all persons, Jews, Christians and Muslims?  I would think my persons of all faith would be quite happy about that change of heart.”

ACT doesn’t have to do what these other groups do but ACT members who wish to share this information shouldn’t be stifled to talk about the spiritual battle going on at their meetings nor discouraged from bringing in guest speakers who can provide hope in this area.

Pastor Hibbs, a great spiritual leader and who understands Islam very well, spoke at last year’s ACT National Conference and was a refreshing voice. If it’s fine for him to speak at a National conference then local chapter speakers should be encouraged to do the same. ACT touts “43 bills passed in 22 states” as its badge of honor of accomplishments. Those thousands of volunteers who worked hard to make that happen but that all pales when compared to the number of souls saved by Christian groups like those above.

In closing, this the timeline of events and communications between Mr. Craig and LTC White. The emails referenced above are for those interested in the getting into the weeds. This column is an attempt to lay out the changing narratives and the behavior of Mr. Craig. In his defense, he may only be the messenger.

LTC White said, “I have no ill feelings toward Mr. Craig or anyone at ACT for America. He comes from a background of political campaigning and insulating a candidate from negative publicity is understandable, even if the truth is being told. That can never be the standard we use in this fight…the truth is all we have and it is all we need.”

The source for ACT for America’s strength in its members and chapter leaders.  

LTC White concluded our interview saying his strength,

Comes from my abiding faith in my God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The journey I started in 2009 that led me to begin studying Islam after my time as serving the children of Snowball Express as President and Chairman has been a true blessing. I’m thankful and appreciative of ACT for America and Brigitte Gabriel for adding to my wealth of knowledge.

This baptism of fire has made me a stronger believer and made me realize the spiritual battle is the only way to truly win this war. 

In fact, the great victories against Islam are occurring on the spiritual battlefront.” [Emphasis added]

RELATED DOCUMENT: Personal Message from Brigitte

RELATED VIDEO: Lieutenant Colonel Roy White’s presentation at the AFA Conference, August 21, 2016.

11 replies
  1. Bill Jenkins
    Bill Jenkins says:

    I was there at that meeting. I saw the emails announcing the meeting. The content, context, and tone of the announcements was to know how zoning and land use come into play in siting and granting building permits to what are facilities having characteristics that are different than others in that for example: that the main services at such a facility are on a Friday; that traffic assumptions and traffic loadings are different for such use in that on other church uses they assume 3 people per car whereas on a facility where people are coming from work, the use is at about 1 person per car, etc.

    Zoning is about public safety from vehicles/noise/parking/congestion/noise .. THAT was what the meeting was about and how mosque use is a different kind of land use that the places usually handled by zoning departments. Any “push back “was push back against allowing use of land that did not take into account these factors. The same kind of things are done in the considerations of granting building permits for the mega-churches. City planners have to take these things into account.

    It was an appalling knee-jerk reaction of ACT. What a bone-head move. They fell right into the political trap of making a firing, and making it in close timing to the meeting, in close timing to protests and minimal protestors ( about 20 located on a lonely corner) …… GAWD could they not wait to handle it quietly. What an amateur move on the part of ACT.

    All this not to mention the self serving letter from Brigette Gabriel that doubled down on things and makes a poor showing of reasoning power …. makes one wonder if she isn’t really a double agent for CAIR!

  2. Jack Ellison
    Jack Ellison says:


    Thank you for the follow through on these unfortunate events. Surely no one is happy about what happened.

    Now I pose this question: that since Karen Lugo’s book focuses on legal approaches to oversight in stemming the tide of the global Islamic movement, how in the world could ACT have seen LTC White’s actions in any light other than honorific. Clearly, LTC White was acting in the cause we all pursue, protecting America’s national security.

    I salute LTC Roy White’s courage, clarity and tenacity in the face of an ideology that states daily it intends to destroy the West and our way of life.

    Jack Ellison

  3. Samira Tamer
    Samira Tamer says:

    My question in an email to ACT was what do we do with the high percentage of mosques (now called Islamic Centers) that store firearms and ammunition in their basements and spare rooms? Samira

  4. Roy White
    Roy White says:

    People who wish to reach me can at
    Thanks to Rich for sharing the full story. I’m moving on as is ACT. Will share future plans and provide commentary to Rich for distribution in the future. Look forward to continuing the challenge of telling the truth about Islam to those who are willing to listen.

    Lt Col (ret) Roy White, Founder & Executive Director
    Truth in Textbooks


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