FBI Arrest Jew Hating, Black, Muslim Convert, Fake News Journalist, who hates Trump — Priceless

You think it couldn’t get any worse for Democrats but then along comes Juan Thompson, from St. Louis, Missouri via Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Thompson is the gift that keeps on giving.

juan thompson brooklyn independent media

Juan Thompson. Screenshoot: Brooklyn Independent Media

Here are some notable facts about Mr. Juan Thompson:

  1. The FBI arrested him in St. Louis on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.
  2. He is due to appear in court in Manhattan, New York.
  3. He allegedly conducted a campaign of harassment against at least eight Jewish community centers nation wide.
  4. He was cyber stalking his ex-girlfriend, who is white.
  5. He made bomb threats in his ex-girlfriend’s name to Jewish Community Centers and to the Anti-Defamation League.
  6. During 2 threats he claimed there were bombs in a Middle School and that there was going to be a ‘JEWISH NEWTOWN’.
  7. Thompson has a twitter account @JuanMThompson fulled with anti-Semitic and racist tweets.
  8. From November 2014 to January 2016, while working at The Intercept as a journalist in Chicago, he fabricated sources in stories and made up quotes out of whole cloth. (Read The Intercept apology here.)
  9. He previously worked as an intern at Chicago Public Media WBEZ FM 91.5 and at DNAinfo.com Chicago.
  10. He is a Democrat.
  11. He is black.
  12. He is a convert to Islam, a follower of Mohammed.
  13. He ran for Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.
  14. juan thompson hillary clinton

    Juan Thompson (left) with Hillary Clinton. Photo: Twitter

    He met and was photographed with Hillary Clinton (right). He said on Twitter, “In ’03 on a high school trip to DC I was obsessed w/@HillaryClinton. Man I was young and dumb.”

  15. He voted for Bernie Sanders.
  16. He accused President Trump of ethnic cleansing in a February 23rd, 2017 Tweet.
  17. In another tweet Thompson calls 42% of Americans “filthy fascist appeasers, and says they should be “taken out along with (President) Trump”.
  18. His Twitter profile reads, “You show me a capitalist, and I’ll show you a bloodsucker.”
  19. His Twitter profile shows him as the Director of Communications for the Gateway Housing Foundation.
  20. He is also accused of sending nude photographs of his white ex-girlfriend to her boss.
  22. He wrote a December 2014 fake news story titled, “No Justice, No Respect: Why the Ferguson Riots Were Justified.”

Thompson tweeted this about becoming a follower of Mohammed:

During President Trump’s inaugural address and his recent address to Congress he denounced antisemitism and hate. President Trump, in the video below, denounces the recent wave of threats against America’s Jewish communities by whom we now know were perpetrated by Thompson in part.

The Geller Report notes:

I can see kapo-Jews like Chuck Schumer and Wasserman-Schlutz getting behind this black antisemite, can’t you? He is the perfect Democrat candidate – a hater, a racist, and an antisemite. Sounds like Keith Ellison and a host of other Dems.

And he’s a perfect journalist  in Chicago – beloved racist, until two years of fake new stories and fake quotes became to ridiculous to ignore.

Thompson is the poster child for the party of Barack Obama. The party of Marx, Mohammed, Manning and Meryl.


u.s. v. Juan Thompson Complaint 0 by Jessica McBride on Scribd


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  1. Aurora A. Talaniekov
    Aurora A. Talaniekov says:

    Thompson has self-destructed. He got away with his hatred for so long that he became complacent enough to think he would never be brought to task for his
    evil doing. I hope he feels the full force of the law, and is incarcerated for a long
    time. Time to think about how wrong he was, about everything.


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