Women in Toronto fearful of Muslim migrant sexual assaults

Following is a very disturbing an email from a concerned Canadian to Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Ahmed Hussen about an alleged incident of a sexual attack on the Spadina subway line in Toronto.

What this email raises is the early concerns of citizens in Sweden and Germany about bringing in Muslim migrants and the impact on their cultures. It may be too late for Europe, but not too late for Canadians to learn from what is happening in Paris, Berlin and Brussels, Belgium.

The first step by Muslims is to attack the most vulnerable – the women and children. It has been called a “rape intifada” and is sexual jihad of the worst kind.

Dear Prime Minister, dear Premier of Ontario and dear Immigration Minister,

I received a very disturbing email about an alleged incidence of a sexual attack on the Spadina subway line in Toronto.

The account is narrated by a person who received a complaint from a young lady who allegedly was sexually assaulted on the Spadina subway line in Toronto early in the morning by a group of alleged Muslim migrants who spoke a foreign language. According to the victim it could have been Arabic. Our situation is getting to the point similar to what they have in Germany, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK. In these countries the politically correct, left-leaning neo-liberal governments are inviting millions of migrants (they call most of them them refugees) from war torn Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries where the values are incompatible with western and Canadian values by a majority of the population there. The majority of these migrants support and want Sharia law where women are second class citizens, and rape and assault are tolerated due to the secondary-class citizen status of women.

If we in Canada can not protect our women from these savage attacks, then who can? These people are roaming in groups, can intimidate women and nothing or little is being done about it. These “refugees” know that they are a protected class by the Canadian politically correct elite politicians. This must end and women should be able to go to our streets without fear of being sexually molested and attacked.

Before you start accusing me of Islamophobia, I am an immigrant who came to this country several decades ago. I abide with Canadian laws, integrated, learned English, paid taxes and became a productive member of the Canadian society. The values of most migrants from these Muslim-majority war torn countries bring the desire to work toward Sharia law, behave in accordance with Sharia Law, they have low or no education and it is questionable when and how they could become productive members of the Canadian society. Please read the account by the attached link below. It is a disgusting account and I directly blame Canadian politicians for this and other similar events.

This is bad and will be getting worse as long as we allow large number of refugees and migrants (can we differentiate between them?) from Muslim-majority countries without proper vetting – how can we? Many of them do not have proper identification and proof of background (some even deliberately destroy their documentation and claim that they are below 18 years of age to get special treatment), so there is an enormous possibility that radical Islamic terrorists could slip into the country in the disguise of refugees. Terrorism may happen only years from now, the potential terrorists lay low now to avoid any detection. In western European countries the migrant influx and the terror actions had a time lag, they did not happen right away.

I am outraged after listening to the account in the attached link, if it, indeed happened. Please review it, and I implore you to do something to avoid future situations like this. It is a short, 5:28-minute video. I have no taped version of the alleged assault that actually proves it happened but the video, which describes the assault is extremely disturbing. It supports the reports we are getting from Germany, Sweden and several other western European countries where they have had a large influx of Muslim refugees in the past two years. Those countries tried to silence these reports because it would have been an open admission that their governments had made a huge mistake. The saddest thing is that nobody did anything about this situation on the subway while it happened. People are afraid of violence against them by these threatening thugs who are wandering in groups. People are also afraid that they will get prosecuted or mistreated by various government agencies by accusing them of being “Islamophobes”. This situation must stop and we collectively need to protect our women.

Migrants must be rigorously vetted before their immigration is approved to Canada. In addition, more families and Christians rather than single, young men should be an immigration priority. Potential migrants must hold values that are compatible with Canadian values and laws. There is no place in Canadian society for migrants who support a Sharia parallel law system.

Here is the link to the short video: Girl Sexually Assaulted by Muslim Boys on The Toronto Subway. Nobody Helps.


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21 replies

    Thank you for speaking out Kevin .It is a disgrace what is happening here in Canada.I am very upset by what is going on, and our Muslim government is to blame.

    • Kathy
      Kathy says:

      Trudeau is a jihadist piece of shit. He cares nothing for Canadians. Please everyone go to Otttawa June 3rd & 4th for the
      HIGH TREASON. !!
      Tell everyone about the Million Man March
      June 3rd
      Be there. We.need all Canadians. Please !

  2. Laura Turner
    Laura Turner says:

    I ask the municipal, provincial and federal government what the plan is to combat sexual assaults here in Canada that are now a huge issue in Germany due to the mass influx of migrants? Is there any plan at all??

  3. Larry
    Larry says:

    First thing we need is legeslation to declare Islam is not a religion!
    It’s a political movement that promotes hatred!
    Secondly we need t stop giving this cult extended privileges that put them above all others in our society. Only then can we start riding our society of these barbaric people by deportation or incarceration for breaking our laws.

    • Del
      Del says:

      Islam is NOT a religion. It is a theocracy. Do a search on that word. Look up Sections 318, 319 and 320 of the Criminal Code of Canada. These sections deal with genocide which is promoted and ordered by Islam ( death to infidels ) and Section 319 deals with hate speech which is an almost perfect definition of hate literature. Section 320 requires the Courts to seize and destroy hate literature.


      Our Minister of Justice either refuses to or has failed to enforce the Laws of Canada, particularly those involving Islam, shariah and Muslims. She and Trudeau swore to uphold and enforce the Laws of Canada and should resign for failure to do so. I suspect she is obeying Trudeau’s instructions and he is likely following orders by his jihadist handlers. Khalid is simply a useful idiot.


  4. Bonnie G
    Bonnie G says:

    They’re in cahoots with soros liberal government wants Kaos. No point petitioning to deaf ears.
    Question is when do they get tried for treason!

  5. Robert Burk
    Robert Burk says:

    I would just watch too because I am not going in jail for the liberal establishment. This system sucks… its easy to say help, woman turn on those who help and when one helps one is as likely to go to jail as anything. I did not bring these people in Canada, I have opposed them since 1980. Anyone who says anything is branded a racist and bigot. I moved away from Toronto and I will move out of this institutionalized insanity called Canada. I used to be proud of this place now it is a moral cesspool, atheists brought this upon us, liberals created this stench. Sink in it all of you or get rid of liberalism because as long as liberalism has a voice in this country we are lost.

  6. Gerard
    Gerard says:

    I’m sorry to say this but a huge part of the problem is the fact that the white man has become a pitiful pussy. 50 years ago had some Muslim monkey tried to do that he would have been attacked the whole train would have beat their asses good. The girl was as depressed about the incident as she was about the fact that there were no men there who you can call man and nobody did a damn thing. You can tell from the tone of the email that that Disturbed almost as much as the incident itself. And well it should. If we don’t teach the average white boy to act like a man then the Mustangs are going to win. The fact that we are thinking of going to the authorities it’s ridiculous. We don’t need the authorities we don’t need the police we just need to act like men are cells and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

    • Del
      Del says:

      Western men in general have been sissified, slowly made effeminate. A good example is the current Prime Minister, jihad Justin, who would rather submit to shariah law rather than stand up for Canadian values. I am amazed he doesn’t wear a man-bun.
      Standing up for ourselves has been eroded by political correctness where the Trudeau’s in life are running scared, afraid to “offend” anyone while at the same time offending everyone. He is a prime candidate for a personalized pussy hat. The education system has been decimated by removing any authority for teachers and other staff who are ordered not to give a fail grade for a student doing nothing and who are constantly scared of being sued for insisting a student be responsible for themselves. This is made worse by pissy helicopter parents demanding they have the “right” to phone their child at any time during the day.

      The courts have been castrated by PC because we are forbidden to defend our own property. Anything we do to defend ourselves and our families is castigated by the courts where a judge will almost always rule that we used excessive force. This bullshit was brought on by the Liberals decades ago who blatantly stated they were on the side of the criminal and victims could literally go to hell.

  7. william romanick
    william romanick says:

    the first thing we need to do as canadians is stand together as one people an vote this sick LIBERAL government out ,as long as they continue to run our country things will get much worse .HELL our so called leader even went so far as to PUT A MUSLEM in charge as minister of imagration in canada .now correct me if im wrong but thats like putting a fox in your hen house to protect your chickens ,stupid move ,islam is VIRUS in this country an all over the world an you all know what to do in order to cure a virus ……. wake up CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mickey Oberman
      Mickey Oberman says:

      william romanick, I agree with you. He must be stopped but legally.
      He is obviously allowing the enemy to enter Canada.
      Can he be charged as a traitor?
      Where are our honest, freedom and democracy loving politicians.
      Are there any???

      • Lorraine Armstrong
        Lorraine Armstrong says:

        Mickey Oberman,

        How do you ‘stop’ him when he has removed every avenue we have to do that? I live in Saskatchewan. We have only ONE Liberal MP, Ralph Goodale. I have proudly voted CONSERVATIVE for the last 35 years of my life. It occurred to me today that he gave central Canada what they wanted – real change. We went from an accountable government to a government that has UNemployed Canadians, taken our pension fund money and given it to a muslim country, lied to us, cheated us, is under FIVE separate investigations by the ethics commission. If it was not MY country, I would be laughing my head off. But it IS my country, so I am telling central Canada to REMOVE THIS IDIOT FROM OTTAWA. My province cannot do it, there are more seats in Toronto than in my whole province. Now THAT is the ‘electoral reform’ we wanted. EVERY province having the same say, not easier elections for the Liberals. Instead, Quebec has a veto, every province has minimal input to the federal government and we all HATE the Prime Minister. Yup, he gave what he promised – Real Change

  8. Mickey Oberman
    Mickey Oberman says:

    With Trudeau as P.M. these attacks are bound to multiply and nothing will be done to stop them.
    He would willingly turn Canada into another Germany or Sweden or Holland or France or – on andand on.
    Somehow he must be stopped before it is too late.

  9. Andrew Klinzmann
    Andrew Klinzmann says:

    Sorry, any reference to Islamic rapes will be quickly and efficiently “swept under the rug” and made to disappear ! Muslim rapists simply “do not exist” to a liberal; and Islamic rape culture does not fit inwith their multy-kulty narrative… If anyone actually tries to pursue rape charges against a muslim immigrant, they will find themselves immediately charged with “islamophobia” under Motion M-103.

  10. B
    B says:

    The liberalism in Canada has stripped away the social fabric of this country. We no longer are unified and don’t care about others,or anything, unless it directly affects us. This country is broken and has been for a long time. People don’t care about anyone except themselves. I’m not surprised people just stood by and did nothing. We have turned into a disconnected, self serving country. If this doesn’t change we will not stand a chance. If Canada had maintained a society with a strong social fabric. A country where everyone took attacks such as this personal. We wouldn’t be in this current situation. Instead nobody wants to bother because it isn’t their girlfriend or sister that was being assaulted on this train. Instead they tell themselves it is none of their business. My question is, how do you sleep at night? How would you feel if this happened to your girlfriend, wife or sister, and no one did anything to help her? Being passive and ignoring it is not the answer. And if you stand by and watch it happen you are no better than the perpetrators. To the young woman that this happened to…I am very sorry. I’m sorry for all of it. I’m sorry you were scared and alone on a crowded train and no one stepped up. I’m sorry you had faith in your fellow canadians and they let you down. And I’m also sorry you were mistreated by fellow humans in such a horrible way. My heart goes out to you, and others like you. The ones that have suffered such horrible things at the hands of the heartless.


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