Soviet Fascism in America: Agents of Influence

Headlines about President Trump’s connection with Russia are all over the world, 24/7. There is some truth to it—the connection of a U.S. President and Russia is reality-with a small correction to the name of the President. It is President Barack Obama, who had constant clandestine ties to Russia. I have been reporting this secret connection since 2008 in my latest two books. The recent Trump tweet about the wiretapping of his campaign by the Obama Administration is the same, a logical and monumental addition to the history of aiding the enemy. This is the moment in history for President Trump to reveal the Truth about Russia, the KGB, and the Soviet Mafia in America…

History of President Reagan and Russia

When a medical doctor treats a patient, he or she fights against a disease and its causes. As a rule, after finding the causes a doctor deals with the disease. That way the patient is cured – his body is healed. These physicians are knowledgeable professionals with the experience to make a correct diagnosis. However, unlike those specialists, the medical profession has another type of doctor—they treat the symptoms of disease. In this case the patient will never be cured and the treatment will never bring healing. This is similar to politicians on the world stage—the leaders of the Western civilization. At this time of war, while we are fighting terrorists, knowledge and the ability to arrive at the correct diagnosis, is only in identifying the enemy. Then we will have the assurance of success and victory in the War on Terror.

A history of America’s presidents shows leaders who, based on their knowledge and ability to correctly assess the world predicament, have united all citizens to rebuff the enemy. Under the leadership of such leaders the country eventually won the war and began the process of healing. Immigrating to the United States in 1981, I watched one great leader. There are no words to express my love for him, because he saved not only America, but the entire planet. His vision of the world, knowledge of the enemy, and guts to deliver the truth made him the greatest leader of the Twentieth Century. President Ronald Reagan unified all Americans; Democrats and Republicans, white, black, Latino, and Asian, by telling the truth in identifying the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire! He was right on all accounts, though many people did not know a lot of information then. It became known later. Yet, trusting the President, the country joined his motto Peace through Strength and the great leader of the twentieth century had been born!

That was written by me at the end of the 20th century. The conclusion is clear—knowledge of the enemy is a must. President Reagan knew the disease and the symptoms– the modus operandi of the KGB and its method and policy of disinformation. Today, in March 2017 we have the exact same predicament only the name of our President has changed. Yet, in addition to that, we gave Russia and Putin twenty-five years to undermine international order and develop the KGB modus operandi and the disease—the ideology of Soviet Fascism. As a result, today we are dealing with the Evil Empire of Global Terrorism and witnessing a political drama of incompetence within some media outlets in covering the world and especially Russia…

Whether President Donald J. Trump is the man of history in the 21st century and the second Ronald Reagan, only the time will tell. He correctly listed American carnage—the symptoms of the disease in his Address to Congress. But, for an unknown to me reason, he has not directly identified the disease, the way President Reagan had done it thirty-six years ago. He did not pronounce the name of the ideology, I have been writing about for the last twenty years—Soviet Fascism. By the way, I have listed some signs of Soviet Fascism on American soil in my column American Carnage, February 11, 2017.

President Trump was telling us that he “inherited a mess.” He is right, but he is not aware of the depth of the mess—the Washington DC swamp is deadly. It is the ideology of Soviet Fascism that makes it deadly. Soviet/Russian subversive activities have never ended: the recent talk on “fake news,” about an alleged Trump contact with Russia is only a part of that. Regrettably, the disinformation method of the KGB, not reported by the media, yet, the Obama holdovers are well aware of the method…

What an irony! The media was deaf and mute for the last eight years of Obama’s Administration, when a secret cooperation with Russia in many respects, including military collaboration was flourishing. I was presenting recently that exact information in details in my column American Carnage, February 11, 2017 and had been writing about it during the last eight years. If you read Socialist Lies you are familiar with the term Obama/Putin joint venture. For those who had never heard that term, here is a brief information and description.

Obama/Putin Joint Venture

Neither Benghazi nor any other of Obama’s scandals will ever be uncovered without the knowledge of Obama/Putin joint venture. Moreover, a mess, inherited by President Trump will continue undeterred by any of his actions until Obama’s holdovers are eliminated. In fact, they are the Soviet Mafia on the soil of America. When I introduced you to the Obama/Putin joint venture, I also named it–Destruction of the American Republic. It has the common ideology, a foundation in Soviet Fascism. The logic should tell you that any of Trump’s success in Making America Great Again requires authentic knowledge of Obama/Putin joint venture to fight it.

We are dealing with the same symptoms of a disease President Reagan identified and defeated. Did you know that people from former Soviet Republics are now joining ISIS? Field commanders of ISIS are known to be Saddam’s former security operatives, trained by the Soviet/Russian security forces. Did you notice a pattern of Obama being late to many of the important issues of our day: ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Iran, IRS, Benghazi, and Ukraine? In fact, those events are the components of an ideology working against the interests of America.

And again as you can see in all of Obama actions or non-actions connected to Russia; Putin is up, and America is down. Watching Obama for the last eight years and knowing the ideology of Soviet fascism, I have invented the term Obama/Putin Joint Venture. In fact, it means—Obama/KGB joint venture. I don’t believe one word Obama eloquently speaks—eloquence used by him to hide his real thoughts in the best traditions of Stalin’s political correctness. You should know the Soviet Mafia to understand Obama’s behavior. By the way, the Russian ambassador Kislyk visited the White House twenty-two times and had personal meetings with Obama four times. Obama was not lazy, stupid or incompetent, as some suggested, on the contrary he was very successful in his joint venture to expand the implementation of political correctness and Soviet Fascism in America. Regrettably, NATO had missed it. Look at what I had written in 2014:

Fortunately, there are signs that NATO is beginning to grasp some truth about the Russia that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union, the truth, I have been writing about for the last twenty-five years. “NATO has struggled to counter Moscow’s tactics in a conflict where traditional military force is only one part of the fight…” NATO underestimated the role of political correctness–that insidious evil of the world… Financial Times, Friday August 29, 2014: Russia’s new art of war. Unfortunately, NATO had not realized the help provided by Obama to Russia then in 2014. NATO also has not been familiar with the ideology that united Obama and Putin, NATO had not realized that we have the Evil Empire of Global Terrorism in the 21st century.

As you can see President Trump has inherited a very complicated and dangerous world. To solve those monumental domestic and overseas problems requires presentation of the whole truth and only the truth. This is the major task before President Donald J Trump. Unfortunately, some Republicans still do not understand whom they are dealing with. Do you remember a woman-voter who complained to John McCain about her fear of an Obama presidency before the 2008 election? Senator McCain assured her that Obama is “an honest and decent man.” It was enough for me to vote for Romney in the next 2012 election. I was shocked, when Republicans confirmed Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. They forgot or even did not know her connection to Bill Clinton…

Politicized Media and Intel

To derail a positive public response to a very successful Trump presentation before Congress, the Democrats sent an army of surrogates to exacerbate the Trump alleged collusion with Russia. The collective choruses of loud voices prevailed in the media: radio, internet, and TV. And Trump’s tweet about Obama’s wiretapping of Trump Tower was a timely and essential response. To understand the symptoms and the political disease, I purposely gave you a paragraph from the Soviet Decision of 1955, introducing the term “agents of influence” in my column February 11, 2017.

There are two types of “agents of Influence”—the enemies trained to subversive activities and those ill-informed Americans in both political parties. Let me give you an example of an enemy in the media. The correspondent of the New York Times, Walter Durante in the 1930s was the KGB agent of influence. Find him in Wikipedia and you will see how he helped Stalin during the Purges and Show Trails to kill thousands of innocent people. Stalin paid him very well for deceiving and fooling the West.

Stalin died March 5, 1953, but his Doctrine is alive and well. Look at what happened March 5, 2017 on CNN. The State of the Union had a show named “crises of public trust.” They were accusing Trump of lying and misleading. They were the convenient toys of the KGB due to their total ignorance. None of the participants knew that they were discussing Russia in the day of Stalin’s death, let alone that their knowledge of the KGB or the Soviet Mafia was ZERO. The CNN show, GPS, has repeated the same main motive– Trump is wrong in all accounts on the same exact day, no word about Stalin. Those people are the second type of the “agents of influence” due to their political ignorance. They are spreading “fake news” and helping the KGB to create confusion and chaos in America…

The same picture is a politicized Intelligence Community, all seventeen of them. I don’t know whether any of the seventeen had vetted a “community organizer,” named Barack Obama. If you read any of my books, you know that I didn’t trust American Intel, for a very simple reason—any country’s Intel is a primary target for the KGB and GRU. I was surprised when none of the seventeen agencies of our Intel stopped a massive transfer of American high technology to the Russian military by the Clinton Mafia, or stopped Iran Nuclear Deal beneficiary for Putin. By the way, why do we need seventeen agencies? Russia has only three and very successfully runs half of the world. They are the FSB (a former KGB), GRU, and Investigative Committee. Stalinist Doctrine has prevailed over all three.

My explanation of two types of “agents of influence,” can be applied to our Intel as well. Today they constitute a Shadow Government run by Obama. He operates through his accomplices—they together ran America and the world for the last eight years. They are the soldiers of the Democrat Party, who hate Trump and will fight his administration to the last drop of their blood. Some of them have no idea of Obama/KGB joint venture, having been fooled and deceived by Obama.

There is another reason for me to discuss our Intel—I am a victim of their ignorance. Bill Clinton eliminated all research of Russia, he also tried to silent myself, as the author and researcher of Russian history and the KGB. A FISA court under Bill Clinton has launched multiple surveillances against me: my computer and phone were wiretapped, my mail arrested, and I was fired from my teaching position in a University. I had been a conservative, teaching the truth about Soviet Russia to Americans. Despite that, I continued writing my books and columns, but since then the information about them has been blocked by our Intel. Due to those activities by Intel, Americans were prevented from learning the Truth about Soviets/Russia. You can see the result of that today, in March 2017—nobody understands the predicament in America and the world. Look at our incompetent media and tell me why a FISA court made me a “foreign agent.” What an overwhelming confusion and chaos…

My friend, a former CIA officer, knowing my research of Soviet Fascism, sent me this e-mail: Video / Mark Levin: Lays out evidence supporting accusation that Obama’s Authorized Spying Is Police State Tactics.

“The republic is in great danger. The trusted assessment several months ago was that there many in the intelligence community were waging war against Trump. Unfortunately Mark Levin who is held in high regard presents evidence here (short outtake from TV interview):

I agree with my friend. The American Republic is in great danger! Due to the civil war against ignorance and “agents of influence”, America is on the threshold of Watergate No.2. Please, read my two latest books—better late than never!

To be continued

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