What you need to know about FISA Court Warrants

FISA warrants and the investigation into whether Obama ordered one is hog wash at the highest level.

Today my dad, who is 78, called me and asked a vital question about the FISA warrants and criminal warrants the Democrats and Republicans are fighting about.  He said,

“Dave you were a Federal Agent, if your boss wanted you to carryout a task did you ask him for his written authority to do so?”

I said,

“Of course not, when we received orders from our superiors we carried them out without question.”

He then said,

“Don’t you think if Obama wanted something done like wiretaps that he knew were wrong, unethical, and criminal that he would not write anything down he would simply inform his subordinates to carry the action out and it would filter to the street level people to carry out the specific orders?”

My father a 78 year old man with limited education figured out the way criminals do things without having a criminal history, law enforcement training political or journalist experiences.  In today’s world high level criminals understand that using the computers or writing letters to their subordinates is public and open information, even at the classified level numerous people can read them.  Of course  there his a Congressional investigation any and all written communications can be and will be obtained.

I was a Federal Agent for over 15 year with the highest U.S. Government clearances.  High level criminals are usually well educated people and they know how to cover themselves from being a target of a civil or criminal investigation.

This is how it would work if Obama wanted ‘Trump Towers’ wiretapped. 

Obama would talk secretly in private (outside of the White House office) with a senior government official he trusted and was a hard core liberal themselves. He would discuss what he wanted done and the senior official would channel it down with one on one discussions with other senior officials and finally it would be discussed with CIA/NSA or military intelligence operatives.

Likely the U.S. military were involved with carrying out the orders of the President. 

Military personnel will carry out orders without any questions whatsoever.  They assume their superior is instructing them todo something tat has been approved.  Many times Americans feel the highest feel intelligence people with all the proper clearances and experience are the CIA and NSA.  The military are much better prepared and much more close mouthed about what they do than civilian employees of the CIA. They are in the U.S. military and if they leak intelligence they will be court martialed without publicity and they will go to Fort Leavenworth for the rest of their lives. In addition they are more loyal  their superiors than the civilians of the CIA and NSA.

It I a 100% certainty that Obama and his staff di not use the FBI.  Today the FBI is purely a political machine.  The senior staff will burn you in a hard way and have no loyalty to their street level agents.

I cant discuss operations I had in the intelligence field with such operations, but I can say if my Commander brought me and my team to his office and gave us orders to do something we would have done it without question because we believed in his loyalty to our country.  This is not always true with civilian intelligence agencies.

In the meantime journalists, their puppet guest speakers, politicians, and other personnel will investigate the wiretapping allegations and conclude they reviewed FISA and criminal files of the FBI and could find no document that links Obama to any wiretapping orders.  Of course they will find routine and basic FBI reports that targeted a few low level Trump staff, but will determine no criminal activity was revealed.

Of course Obama had Trump Towers and many other locations wiretapped, but never will there be any evidence found.  Seldom do military operations organizations get request to turn over their Top Secret files on such activities of wiretapping.  They are never suspected to be the people our senior leaders turn to when they suspect the President of the U.S. has ordered criminal wiretapping orders.  If the Navy SEALs (American heroes) and take out Osama Bin Laden do you think they could not be used to tap a few phones.

Wake up FOX News and others.  Stop boring us when you know nothing will come of a FISA investigation.  Note:  Thanks Dad for seeing the reality of what is happening in the world today.  Your generation understands and loves America more so than at any other time or group of citizens.

Analysis: Listen to your elders.

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