PODCAST: Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century

Listen to this March 9, 2017 Israel News Talk Radio –Beyond the Matrix program with co-hosts Ira Michaelson and Rod Bryant. They were joined by their frequent new co-host Jerry Gordon, a senior editor of the New English Review, to discuss the issue of the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. In light of the recent desecration of Jewish cemeteries and the threats against Jewish Community Centers across America, one has to wonder if these are isolated events, or a picture of things to come.

Ira read some of the bizarre tweets and a string of 8 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) CC hate calls by alleged suspect Juan Thompson, the fake news artist fired by lefty on-line publication, The Intercept. He was trying to say that his white gal friend was the perpetrator of the anti-Semitic calls to those JCCs.  He was arrested by the FBI in St. Louis and could face up a sentence of up to five years upon conviction at a trial in the Brooklyn Eastern Federal District court in New York.

As to the balance of those 120 JCC hoax bombing calls, we spoke of who might be the source of the robo calls from offshore that might surprise you. Moreover, we asked why it took the FBI and the Justice department nearly two months before they cranked up an investigation.

We talked about why Ms. Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn born American of Palestinian origins, an item in yesterday’s  International  Women Strike protest rally in New York,  and other Muslims  raising  hundreds of thousands of funds for repair and replacement of tombstones in those desecrated Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis, Philadelphia and Brooklyn. That perhaps it was not so much an act of humanity, but rather Islamic taqiyya as they may be fearful the Trump Administration might ban Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups. After all Sarsour is virulently anti-Israel, believes that Sharia is ‘great’ and that Israelis are “white Supremacists” oppressing Blacks and Palestinians. Then ask her about her relatives raising funds for Hamas.

Ira and Rod commiserated about good Israel- supporting Muslims that they have had on the program. I referenced chaver Dr. M. Zhudi Jasser, Canadian Raheel Raza and American journalist and author Asra Nomani as leader of the international Muslim Reform Movement. They all oppose political Islam, Sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates here in North America. I pointed out that Asra Nomani was the colleague of the late Danny Pearl, who disappeared in Lahore, Pakistan in October 2002, only to be slaughtered by the infamous 9/11 mastermind, Khaled Sheik Mohammed. Nomani led a team of volunteer students at Georgetown University in DC who identified the perpetrators of Pearl’s murder.

Note in particular the discussion about encounters with US Customs and Border Protection agents by Israeli Rabbi Moshe Dror Cassuto and his wife and Ira Michaelson passing through JFK to Rome and hence to Israel on their recent world tour. Ira was amazed at how Muslim women in full Burqas with slits for eyes were cleared by the CBP, and this was after the temporary lifting of the travel ban.

Then there was the fabulous reminiscence by Ira of a fabled Bush I White House friend of Ira’s during Bush I who became an Evangelical Christian Zionist. But we also discussed FBI anti-Semitism during Bush II when then Counterterrorism Assistant Director was looking for an Israeli ‘mole’ besides Jonathan Pollard. Lest we forget the FBI and some other members of the Intel Community would hire qualified Jewish Arabic and Farsi speakers after 9/11.

Then there is the question whether the anti-Semitic ‘deep state’ at both State and the CIA state remain despite the Trump Administration support for Israel. Witness anti -Israel Pentagon Secretary Mattis and his recent hire, former Obama State Department Bureau of Near East Assistant Secretary and Ambassador to Cairo, Anne Patterson.

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