Judge refuses to halt Trump’s new immigration order

Judge James Robart, who issued a temporary restraining order against the initial ban in February, declined to apply it to the new executive order. Perhaps he was stung by the criticism: in his first restraining order, he falsely claimed that no jihad terror attacks had been committed by migrants from the countries covered in the ban, when in reality there had been many.

Could this be an indication that the hard-Left, out-of-control judiciary is finally having to demonstrate more responsibility? Unlikely, but it’s still a good sign.

“Judge Refuses To Halt Trump’s New Immigration Order,” by Kerry Picket, Daily Caller, March 10, 2017:

A federal district court denied a request to place an emergency restraining order on President Donald Trump’s modified immigration executive order, an attorney representing states opposing the order told Reuters Friday night.

The initial executive order posted by the Trump administration — which restricted travel from seven countries with majority Muslim populations — last January was challenged by lawyers in states such as Washington and Minnesota.

Seattle U.S. District Court Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order against the initial policy last month.

The new order narrowed the travel restriction down to six countries and would give exception to green card holders among other changes. According to Reuters, Robart did not apply his restraining order to the new immigration order….

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