VIDEO: Miami-Dade School District Diverts Funds from Teacher’s Salaries to Construction

Alllchemist posted a video exposing collusion between the United Teachers of Dade union and the Miami-Dade School District to divert funds from teacher’s salaries to pay for construction projects.

According to alllchemist:

Why Has UTD Been Silent About MDCPS Failure to Fund Teacher Salaries?

For over a decade, United Teachers of Dade has echoed the claim that MDCPS “just didn’t have the money” to honor contractual raises.

Teacher Shawn Beightol has pointed out that Tallahassee has increased funding to MDCPS for years, but MDCPS has lowered local taxes (to promote political careers as “tax cutters”), creating its own pseudo-crisis.

UTD has done nothing.

In fact, UTD has colluded with MDCPS to convince the public that a financial crisis prevented the raises.

In the fall of 2015, MDCPS and UTD together unlawfully changed a legislatively designated “grandfathered salary schedule.”

A group of teachers incorporated as “The Grandfathered Inc” to challenge MDCPS’ and UTD’s unlawful collusion in court and to set the record straight.

In September 2015, MDCPS Superintendent Carvalho spoke at the
Kendall Federation of HOAs.

The Grandfathered Inc was there to publicly challenge MDCPS’ campaign to impoverish teachers.

Teacher Shawn Beightol asked Mr. Carvalho a series of questions including:

  1. Haven’t other taxing entities claimed a surplus from increased property values? (yes)
  2. Hasn’t MDCPS issued letters to employees explaining how to apply for foodstamps & welfare? (yes)
  3. Hasn’t MDCPS actually LOWERED its tax rate (millage) to create a pseudo-financial crisis? (yes)

The superintendent answered “No” to the first and last questions and ignored the second question.

Watch the video to read the transcript of the court hearing in which we destroy MDCPS’ claim that they cannot honor the contract because of financial shortages.

The Grandfathered Inc has clearly shown that MDCPS and UTD together have deprived teachers of their raises by deliberately under-taxing the county, by diverting hundreds of millions in salary money to construction, by failing to access $750 Million in millage available, and by failing to access sales tax funds available.

We, the Grandfathered Inc, are pushing our lawsuit forward by filing the class action lawsuit in civil court this month (March 2017). We need you to help by signing on to our class and by donating to our cause. You can take these two actions by visiting our facebook page “Grandfathered Lawsuit”

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