128 Radical Islamic Professors who teach on 69 American Campuses


Marshall Polston

Recently we wrote about Marshall Polston a college student in Florida who questioned his adjunct professor Areeje Zufari, who said the “crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax and that his disciples did not believe he was divine.” On March 26th Polston was suspended for confronting Zufari and then reinstated on April 3rd, 2017.

In an  article published by the Central Florida Post on March 28, 2017, Jacob Engels reported:

Zufari is accused by Rosine Ghawji, the wife of the Maher Ghawji, of trying to indoctrinate Rosine’s two children with fanatical Islamic beliefs. Zufari had been engaged in an affair with Maher and was possibly involved in a secret marriage ceremony in Central Florida with Mr. Ghawji, according to the court documents.

Maher Ghawji has been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, donated thousands to charities that funneled money to Al-Qaeda, and was even under surveillance by the F.B.I. at one point for his involvement with terrorist groups in the Middle-East.

In our column Orlando’s Muslim Professor Areeje Zufari — Profile of a ‘Radical Islamic Supremacist’ we noted that Zufari is Director of Media and Communications for the Islamic Society of Central Florida. Zufari’s superior is Imam Muhammad Musri, who oversees seven mosques from the Islamic Society of Central Florida. Musri believes that Arab Christians claiming to have converted from Islam “are lying and . . . were actually Christians all along.” “They are using tales of conversion,” he says, “to get financial backing from evangelical ministries.” Taking a jab at Christianity’s many Protestant denominations, he adds, “We don’t want the Muslims to end up with 700 determinations of Islam.”

Is Zufari unique in her beliefs or are there others serving a professors in other universities with similar view?

The Canary Mission has found that there are many Zufaris in higher education with the same beliefs who support views like hers or worse. The Canary Mission has documented (below) the cases of 128 professors in 69 American colleges and universities who “are promoting hatred.” The work to expose those who are promoting hate on U.S. college campuses is ongoing. These 128 professors are just the tip of the Islamic supremacist iceberg system (isis).

Perhaps the best thing that has come out of the Zufari incident is the exposure of those like minded Islamic supremacist professors on U.S. campuses.

In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump vowed to fight “radical Islamic terrorism” and “eradicate it from the face of the earth.”

Perhaps one of the places the President needs to start is on our own college campuses?


The Canary Mission database was created to document the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America.

Every individual and organization has been carefully researched and sourced. If you appreciate the work of the Canary Mission, please help us continue to expose hatred by alerting us to anti-Semitic activity on your college campus, or donating.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of a popular rock at Youngstown State University in Ohio that was vandalized with pro-Islamic State (ISIS) messages. Photo: Screengrab/WKBN-TV

Professor Directory by Campus

American University of Beirut
Rami Khouri
Steven Salaita

Antioch University Seattle
Nada Elia

Barnard College
Nadia Abu El-Haj
Neferti Tadiar

Brandeis University
Robert “Bob” Lange

Brooklyn College
Corey Robin
Samir Chopra

Brown University
Nina Tannenwald
Naoko Shibusawa

California State University – Los Angeles
Mohammed Abed

California State University – Northridge
David Klein

California State University – Stanislaus
As’ad Abukhalil

City University of New York – Graduate Center
Corey Robin
Samir Chopra

City University of New York – Staten Island
Sarah Schulman

Columbia College Chicago
Iymen Chehade

Columbia University
Gil Anidjar
Hamid Dabashi
Lila Abu-Lughod
Rashid Khalidi
Mahmood Mamdani
Joseph Massad
Brinkley Messick
George Saliba
Bruce Robbins
Katherine Franke

Duke University
Miriam Cooke
Omid Safi

Ilan Pappe

Georgetown University
Elliot Colla
John Esposito
Melani McAlister
Fida Adely

George Mason University
Craig Willse

George Washington University
Shira Robinson

Ajantha Subramanian

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Edward Curtis
Ian McIntosh

Institute for Advanced Study
Joan Wallach Scott

Kent State University
Julio Pino
Joshua Stacher

Anthony Hall

Oberlin College
Joy Karega

Ohio State University
Pranav Jani
Vidar Thorsteinsson

McGill University
Rula Abisaab
Michelle Hartman
Jon Soske

Michigan State University
Salah Hassan

New York University
Lisa Duggan
Nikhil Pal Singh

Northeastern University
M. Shahid Alam
Denis Sullivan

Northwestern University
Arthur  Butz
Jessica Winegar

Pennsylvania State University
Courtney Morris

Purdue University
Tithi Bhattacharya
Bill Mullen

Rhodes College
Yasir Qadhi

Rutgers University
Deepa Kumar
Jasbir Puar
Thea Abu El-Haj

Saint Martin’s University
David Price

San Francisco State University
Rabab Abdulhadi
Jess Ghannam

San Jose State University
Noam Perry
Roberto Gonzalez

Lara Deeb

Stanford University
Joel Beinin
David Palumbo-Liu

State University of New York, Plattsburgh
Simona Sharoni

Southwestern University
Banafsheh Madaninejad

Swarthmore College
Sa’ed Atshan

Syracuse University
Chandra Talpade Mohanty

Tufts University
Thomas Abowd
Amahl Bishara

University of California – Berkeley
Hatem Bazian
Judith Butler
Daniel Boyarin

University of California – Irvine
Mark Levine

University of California – Davis
Sunaina Maira
Magid Shihade

University of California – Los Angeles
Sarah Haley
Robin D.G. Kelley
Saree Makdisi
Gabriel Piterberg

University of California – Riverside
David Lloyd

University of California – San Diego
Curtis Marez

University of California – Santa Cruz
Sami Abed
Lisa Rofel

University of California – San Francisco
Jess Ghannam

University of California – Santa Barbara
Avery Gordon

University of Denver
Nader Hashemi

University of Delaware
Muqtedar Khan

University of Florida
Malini Schueller

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Cynthia Franklin

University of Illinois at Chicago
Barbara Ransby

University of Illinois – College of Law
Francis Boyle

University of Maryland
Solomon Commissiong
Zein El-Amine
Charles Manekin

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Juan Cole

University of Michigan – Dearborn
David Skrbina

University of Pennsylvania
Ian Lustick

University of Southern California
Alireza Tabatabaeenejad

University of Texas – Austin
Snehal Shingavi
Melissa Smyth

University of Toronto
Rebecca Comay

University of Washington
Chandan Reddy

Vassar College
Kiese Laymon
Joshua Schreier

Wesleyan University
J. Kehaulani Kauanui


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  1. L Whitney
    L Whitney says:

    You should add Dr. Noah Haiduc-Dale of Centenary college of NJ to this list. He preaches the divestment and sanctioning of Israel, says that the non-Muslims are happy to be taxed, Muslim Brotherhood is does a lot of good things especially for education, Hamas and Fatah cancelled elections because the Israelis will not recognize them and Sharia is not as harsh in application as it seems.

  2. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    I can’t understand how this can be allowed, how can these teachers be allowed to teach these subjects? Isn’t there a rule of teaching that is required by the school or college? These people need to be checked by the FBI and any other resource to out these people as soon as possible.


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