St. Petersburg: Suspected suicide bomber had ties to the Islamic State

“I saw a lot of smoke, a crowd making its way to the escalators, people with blood and other people’s insides on their clothes, bloody faces.”

And their bloodthirsty god is appeased.

“Suspected suicide bomber in St. Petersburg attack had links to Islamic State: report,” by Denis Pinchuk and Alexander Winning, Reuters, April 3, 2017:

A suspected suicide bomber thought to be responsible for a deadly blast in the St Petersburg metro on Monday had links with radical Islamist groups banned in Russia, a law enforcement source told Interfax news agency.

The source added that remains found at the scene of the blast suggested that a suicide bomber was responsible but that final conclusions would be made after DNA tests had been conducted.

The source also told Interfax that authorities had established the identity of the suspected suicide bomber and that the suspect was a 23-year-old from central Asia who had carried an explosive device into the St Petersburg metro in a rucksack.


Pictures thought to be of attacks suspect Akbarzhon Jalilov. Photo: Daily Star UK.

A man who was captured on surveillance cameras and earlier suspected of a role in the blast came forward to police and said that he played no role, Interfax reported….

Soon after the blast happened at 2:40 p.m., ambulances and fire engines descended on the concrete-and-glass Sennaya Ploshchad station. One helicopter hovered overhead, then landed on a broad avenue to take away an injured passenger.

“I saw a lot of smoke, a crowd making its way to the escalators, people with blood and other people’s insides on their clothes, bloody faces,” St Petersburg resident Leonid Chaika, who said he was at the station where the blast happened, told Reuters by phone. “Many were crying.” Interfax news agency cited unnamed sources as saying the bomb, packed with shrapnel, may have been hidden in a train carriage inside a briefcase. The National Anti-Terrorist Committee said an explosive device had been found at another station, hidden in a fire extinguisher, but had been defused….


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of Kyrgyzstan’s security service, who identified the suspect Akbarzhon Jalilov, born in the Kyrgyzstani city of Osh in 1995.

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