White House Aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka smeared with fake news report

The Forward has stooped to a new low smearing the good name of Dr. Sebastian Gorka and his late father Paul who was both an anti-Fascist and anti-Communist courageous member of resistance who was imprisoned, tortured and released from prison during the 1956 Hungarian Revolt.

We wrote about his family background following the publication of his best selling book, “Defeating Jhad: the winnable war” in April 2026. We were fortunate to have been among the first to interview Dr. Gorka on the former Lisa Benson Show.

You read our interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka that Mike Bates and this writer did on 1330 AM WEBY published on March 1, 2017. You may have seen the picture of my colleague Mike Bates with Dr. Gorka during a visit to the White House Press Room.

Our interview with Gorka revealed his support for Israel, America’s trusted ally in the Middle East. That was corroborated by similar reports from David P. Goldman, Michael Rubin, David Reaboi.

Mort Klein of the Zionist of America has been a relentless fighter for Emet – the truth in this savage piece of real “fake news” perpetrated by the hate driven editors and writers at the “progressive” national Jewish weeky, The Forward.

Read this ZoA dossier on what can only be considered as an artless act of character defamation using selective editing of videos in a patent act of character assasination.

Kol hakavod for Mort Klein of the Zionists of America for standing by and through investigation defending Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people, as well as a proud American immigrant.

ZOA: The Forward Smears WH Aide Gorka with Spliced…

The Forward newspaper has again wrongly smeared counter terrorism and radical terrorism expert, Deputy Assistant to President Trump, and Strategic Initiatives…



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