Some Recent Energy & Environmental News

The newest edition of the Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online.

I give an enthusiastic endorsement to Alex Epstein’s efforts to assist us ALL in improving our communication on the issues we’re involved with. Please see his excellent document: Constructive Conversation Scorecard.

Some of the more informative energy articles in this issue are:

Witnessing wind industry’s influence on the Legislature    

The Mafia Is Moving Into Green Energy

The flawed thinking at the heart of the renewable energy swindle

A Requiem for the 2015 Clean Power Plan: It had more flaws than a cheap dirigible

Energy Policy Will Be About Cutting Costs, Not Emissions (!)

Health Canada’s Flawed and Fraudulent Wind Turbine Health Study

Wind Turbines:  Unsafe at any distance

ISO acknowledges motion sickness from low-frequency oscillatory motion

Independent Infrasonic Investigations: Golden West Wind Facility, Colorado

Tracking Government subsidies stymied by inconsistent transparency

Comments Against the Proposed Increase of Incidental Take for Hawaii’s Nene and Hoary Bats

Worthwhile website: Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy

Some of the more interesting Global Warming articles in this issue are:

Confessions of a Climate Change “Denier”

Congressional Testimony: Science is a Process

By the Numbers: Ending the Social Cost of Carbon

There is no such thing as a Conservative CO2 Tax Plan

Take-aways from the Heartland Climate Conference

Video of President Trump’s Inspiring NASA Talk

Agenda 21 Course

Sun’s impact on climate change quantified for first time

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