VIDEO: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

Faith Goldy reports:

When I applied for my Canadian firearms licence after passing my federally mandated PAL and RPAL courses, the RCMP got all of my information. They asked for everything from medical history, relationship history, familial structures, and a photograph.

However, when I recently logged online to renew my license, I noticed something peculiar:

An exception to the usual regulation requiring a photograph, citing religious exemption!

So, I contacted the RCMP, and you won’t believe what happens next.

While I’m no fan of tighter gun control measures, shouldn’t all law-abiding gun-owners be treated equally in Canada?

Why are special rights being granted to members of certain religious sects while other Canadians are held to a different standard?

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  1. A Stille
    A Stille says:

    I don’t live in Canada, but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear about this as being the same in the United States. I believe this would come under the heading of “discrimination”. Now maybe I’m too dumb to know what that word means, but you can bet your only dollar if I did this, the government would be on my rear like ants at a picnic. All religions should be treated the same. Isn’t this a way to let some illegals get by with just about anything.


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