Bill Nye the Transgender Guy

It appears that Bill Nye, who hosted a children’s program, has become unhinged. Maybe the climate changed him?

bill-nye-saves-the-world-2017-posterIn a One News Now article titled When Bill Nye enlisted science in the service of perversion Michael Brown writes, “‘The Science Guy’ indeed has gone ‘full lunatic’. He has migrated to the looney left. What else can we surmise when he includes (and dances along with) a vulgar transgender video as part of his new series on Netflix?

Brown notes, “Perversion is a strong word, but there is no other way to describe it. The musical presentation promoted by Bill Nye on his “Bill Nye Saves the World” show was perverse in every way. It was vulgar. It was vile. It was degraded. It was disgusting. That it was promoted in the name of science makes it all the more despicable.” Read more.

Mike Adams from Natural News states, “Bill Nye has gone all-in for the lunatic Left-wing anti-science narrative of transgenderism, which contradicts over a century of genetic science and has been dubbed the ‘Flat Earth theory of genetics’.” Read more.

But Nye gets even worse than vile, degraded and disgusting.

Bill Nye, the transgender guy, is also pushing Eugenics. He wants population control, via forced sterilization, to save the planet. In Policy Science Kills: The Case of Eugenics Jeffrey A. Tucker notes:

An entire generation of academics, politicians, and philanthropists used bad science to plot the extermination of undesirables.

There’s no better case study than the use of eugenics: the science, so called, of breeding a better race of human beings. It was popular in the Progressive Era and following, and it heavily informed US government policy. Back then, the scientific consensus was all in for public policy founded on high claims of perfect knowledge based on expert research. There was a cultural atmosphere of panic (“race suicide!”) and a clamor for the experts to put together a plan to deal with it. That plan included segregation, sterilization, and labor-market exclusion of the “unfit.”

Ironically, climatology had something to do with it.

Read more.

In a article Bill Nye Trashes People With Large Families, Wants Them Penalized for Having “Extra Kids” Micaiah Bilger writes:

Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” famous for hosting a children’s educational TV show, is not as kid-friendly as he initially may appear.

An abortion advocate, Nye recently hosted a new Netflix show that The Federalist describes as bordering on eugenics.

The episode “Earth’s People Problem” is part of the Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the World.” In the half-hour show, Nye and several panelists discuss how they think large families and population growth are affecting the world, according to the report.

One of those panelists is an abortionist named Nerys Benfield who practices at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. Another is Dr. Rachel Snow of the United Nations Population Fund, which has been linked to coercive abortion practices in China.

Nye begins the show by describing how humans use natural resources. According to the report:

Following an intro that demonstrates how human consumption is like sponges soaking up water, Nye explains how women who have access to educational and professional opportunities tend to have fewer children. This is true …

Nye says when women are in power, they have fewer children, and more resources can be devoted to those children. “It’s not rocket surgery. It’s science!” he coyly explains.

The underlying eugenic and abortion tones come out later in the show. Though the word “abortion” never is mentioned, panelists hint at it while talking about family planning and women’s health care.

At one point, Nye even asks the panel if families should be penalized for having “extra kids.”

The report continues:

The fight against climate change, Nye’s most passionate cause, is brought up by [Dr. Travis Rieder, ethicist at the Berman Institute at Johns Hopkins University], who notes that children in developed countries use 160 times more resources than children in the developing world. This is where the creepy totalitarianism of the environmental movement starts to show itself. Nye asks, bluntly, “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” …

Rieder says we should “at least consider” a form of punishment for people who have these Extra Kids (TM). Nye impatiently responds that “consider means do it.” Snow, to her credit, jumps in and takes issue with the idea that “we do anything to incentivize fewer children or more children.” Benfield notes the history of compulsory sterilization in America, a practice that was in place as recently as the 1970s. The issue was not come at from a position of justice in the past, she adds. But this time will be different, I guess?

Read more.

Bill Nye the transgender Eugenicist has fundamentally transformed into something that none of those who remember him on his children’s show would ever have imagined.

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  1. Tia Jolie
    Tia Jolie says:

    Rich, I am not a Bill Nye fan, but your diatribe is replete with more inaccuracies, memes and disinformation than the stuff that Bill it putting out. You and I could tee off one topic at at time, but the issue with which you lead–your strong opinions regarding transgenderism–reveal more about your ignorance on the issues than anything else. Do you even know even one #LGBT person? Which part of God’s word tells you to hate them and call them names? I also find it fascinating how confused you and Mike Adams are about your own Bible’s detailed explanation of the Earth’s shape. How do you pick and choose which verses to use where? It must be arduous.

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:


      Thanks for reading and commenting on the column about Bill Nye.

      Yes, one of my college friends is gay. He and I understood one another. He knew that while I disagreed with his lifestyle we were still friends. He never ever tried to impose his lifestyle upon me nor did he ever disrespect my Christian beliefs.

      This article is about Nye, who now has a Netflix program, that is harming himself and others by his radical view on gender. Gender is immutable. Biology and science tell us so. To refuse to recognize that we are either a man or a woman is against nature and nature’s laws.

      The Bible teaches us to love the sinner.


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