Hillary Proves Trump Still Was The Only Choice

Hillary Clinton blessed us with her presence again recently and reinforced why Donald Trump was the only acceptable choice for President in the general election — even if he was not the first choice for many in the primary.

Trump’s victory must always be painted against the backdrop of this unalterably fixed point in space and time: He was running against Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt and incompetent politicians we have seen on the American public scene since…Well, there have been more corrupt and there have been more incompetent, but an elite ranking in both categories for one person?

As a true Clinton, her first act after wandering the presidential loss wilderness was not a contriteness, not introspection, not an apology for letting people down. It was to go on the hustings and begin hawking her book. In other words, she went back to mo’ money from the people she let down. And she did so with a launch interview by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, her most fawning admirer on a network chocka full of fawners.

Hillary told Amanpour she takes responsibility for her loss, then went on to blame FBI Director James Comey, Wikileaks, the Russians, fake news and, last but not least, a misogynistic American electorate that refused to vote for a woman. It’s just head-shaking, particularly considering she could not even win over white women — relying on the typically overwhelming minority female support for Democrats to get the overall female vote.

“I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and ‘Russian’ Wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off,” Hillary said

OK, so she doesn’t really grasp the concept “taking responsibility.” Neither did Obama and it’s not clear that Trump does. But boy does her handling of events even now make it clear Americans were right to keep her far, far from the White House.

hillary cartoonA quick recap on the Hillary backdrop

Hillary told Amanpour that the letter from Comey telling Congress the FBI had reopened an investigation into her use of a private email server cost her the election. Now, to say that announcement had no impact on voters would be disingenuous. Of course it did. And maybe it was the margin in those close states.

But it was only because Hillary, in the first place, set up a private email server in her home that totally lacked any real security. Then she received and sent classified emails by the hundreds through that server. And then she allowed her very, very close assistant Huma Abedin to forward those emails to Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, who was under investigation for multiple sex-related crimes.

The latter Weiner information was new at the time and caused the investigation to be reopened, thinking it might lead to the 30,000 emails Hillary had wiped clean from her hard drive..

This was all Hillary’s responsibility. Her paranoia, her shady behavior that involved the private server, her endangering of national security to hide her actions.

All. Her. Fault. Not Comey for investigating it.

hillary-wikileaks-2WikiLeaks just leaked truth

Her corruption also infected the Democratic Party, which had a pretty weak immune system for combatting corruption in the first place.

She blamed WikiLeaks second to Comey. But all they did that hurt her was releasing the emails of her campaign chairman, John Podesta, which detailed how her campaign colluded (a nice word for “cheated” — more classic Clintonism) with the Democratic National Committee to torpedo Sen. Bernie Sanders.

These two events happened in the final days of the campaign, although obviously they were only revealed then. They are part and parcel with who Hillary Clinton is. But her conclusion?

“The reason why I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days,” she said.

So, um, that’s the exact opposite of taking responsibility for losing.

Shady. Corrupt. Incompetent. All. Her. Fault.

trump-full-faceSo then, the case for Trump

See above.

Seriously, Trump tapped into several American veins of frustration about which coastal and D.C. elites in both parties were clueless. He raised issues no one would talk about, or even recognized as issues in their insular worlds. It’s so interesting the Manhattan billionaire could find the pulse when others didn’t even know to look.

The Revolutionary Act is a site built on principles reflecting realities, not just on pure politics — although pure politics are part of reality. As such, Trump was not a first choice. His principles were and still are largely unknown. He tapped the right issues, and found Americans that D.C. had forgotten, or taken for granted. Whether he was sincere or not will depend on his actions in office.

For our part, we believe there is some true sincerity there, but only time will tell.

There is a lesson here worth learning for everyone. Off-putting personalities do not mean bad presidents. LBJ and Nixon were rotten people and everyone knew it. But they were effective presidents for their issues. Obama was a fairly likable man, but an awful president for the country, his issues and his party.

So, irritating personalities do not make for a bad presidency. Crashing waves of corruption and incompetence, however, do.

If Hillary Clinton contributed anything to the national debate, it was that lesson. She obviously cannot learn it. But maybe others can.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

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