Stop legitimizing the regime in Iran!

The Islamic republic in Iran’s elections have NEVER been democratic under their electoral system and its Islamic constitution.

Unlike many Iranians, I do not travel back and forth to Iran, do not do business with the Islamic Republic, and do not hold a valid Iranian passport. As such, I have no vested interest in the survival of this regime.

I am a Canadian with an Iranian heritage. not an Iranian with a Canadian passport living in Canada merely as a “guest”. I wish to cut off the hands of the Islamic Republic agents and infiltrators from Canada and do not promote or defend the Islamic Republic’s policy or ideology. My loyalty is to Canada not to an antiquated regime governed under seventh century Islamic laws. I stand on guard for Canada while speaking out against human rights violations and terrorism by the Islamic Republic.

I take pride in the fact that I never participated in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s sham elections and never voted for any of their ‘PRE’ selected presidential candidates.

In my opinion those who supports this criminal regime and participate in their s/elections, by legitimizing this criminal regime, inadvertently have their hands in the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iranians who have been executed, murdered, imprisoned, tortured, and raped.

It should never be taken lightly that the so called ‘reformist’ advocate’ agenda wholeheartedly supports the Islamic Republic’s constitution, and practices of Sharia law where they are heavily funded by the regime in Iran. They preach reform but the very nature of these reforms have never been clarified. Will there be political prisoners, torture, stoning, and amputations under reform?

It is worth noting that the 1988 mass executions occurred while Mr. Mir Hossein Moussavi, one the two leaders of the Green Movement, was Prime Minister of Iran. Karroubi and Moussavi were both founding members of the Islamic Republic who committed plenty of atrocities during their time in power.

A list with picture of martyrs killed by Islamic Republic in Iran after the election coup d’etat !

The infamous Chain Murders of Iran (the assassinations of opposition leaders both inside Iran and abroad) and the Buenos Aires bombing of the largest Jewish center also occurred during the Rafsanjani “reformist” era. Our very own Canadian photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, whose son still wakes up hearing the screams of his mother, died under vile torture in 2003 under the presidency of Mr. Khatami, the most “moderate” of all of reformists. Miss. Maryam Ayubi, 31, was slowly stoned to death in 2001 (Amnesty International July 11, 2001 report); one of 38 unfortunate souls stoned during so called reform (Boroumand Foundation). Mr. Feyzollah Mekhubad, 77, had his face whipped and eyes gouged out in 1995 for making phone calls to relatives in Israel and the USA (Amnesty International Report May 1995, and Boroumand Memorial). Who is to speak for them if only the voices of reformists are being heard? Can a regime with such atrocities be truly reformed?

Due to a weak immigration vetting system, the Islamic Republic has been so successful in infiltrating Canada and advocating for its survival from our Canadian soil. In the years to come, the Government of Canada can NEVER say they were not warned about anti-Canadian activities funded by the Islamic Republic in Iran through the so called ‘reformists’ apologists. How appeasing these Iranian pro-nuclear and pro-terror mouthpieces benefits Canadians remains a puzzle to us.

Participating in the Islamic Republic’s Sham Elections only legitimizes the regime. I hope that Canada returns to her previously tough position against the regime in Iran, will not give in to pressures created by the Islamic Republic mouthpiece and agents in Canada, and stop giving a voice to them, which is not only is a slap in the face and an insult to human rights advocates, but insidiously dangerous for Canada.

Please sign this petition and tell The White House not to allow the Islamic Republic in Iran to have ballot boxes for their sham elections in the United States.

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself.” St. Augustine.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Times of Israel.

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