Awake America Great Again

Years ago, when I first was invited to write this column, my main objective was to write about things that make people Google.

This was during a new era of the information age in which social media was spreading like wildfire, bringing the ends of the earth together into one anothers’ living rooms like never before.

Since that time, I have learned to keep my ear to the ground for what has seemed like the best human story each month.

With 2017 being one of historical significance on the world’s timeline, my ear to the ground approach for a topic selection is now in sensory overload. Now that this milestone year marks the 50th year since the holiest sites of Jerusalem were returned to Israeli control, we await in anticipation to see how God will unfold His plan for all of creation.

This topic has been a researcher’s dream with one question leading to the next; therefore, I chased every rabbit trail to see what I could learn along the way.

I delved into ancient parables and disassembled them like riddles.

I attended prayer meetings, and in faith, prayed for Sister So and So’s gallbladder as well as the geopolitical maelstrom on the global stage.

I once again searched through the prophecies of the Old Testament Book of Daniel, where I found the recurring theme of God’s sovereignty. I realized that what Daniel sees in part, the disciple John sees in full in the Book of Revelation.

And after all of this, I finally set up tent where the year 2017 brought me back to the eschatological mindset I had encountered when I wrote columns such as A Prime Message in the Eleventh Hour (11/7/11) and The Days of Elijah (9/11/15).

Since no other generation has witnessed the prophetic fulfillment of the Jewish people coming back to Jerusalem and its becoming a nation, 2017 is falling right in line with the 50-year Jubilee and Shemitah cycles. The something big that is about to happen has created sport for end-time gurus and is an infinite field of study that always points to the second coming of Christ.

Without having to engage in arguments about whether one is a pre-millennialist, amillennielist, postmillennialist, or just a panmillennialist, there are some non-negotiables that scream the last days are upon us.

For instance, the ancient scriptures tell us that in the last days there will be perilous times and perilous men. This will be a clear sign. Check.

Prophecies, visions, and dreams shall abound by the mighty power of God’s Spirit recants St. Peter as he recalls the words of the Old Testament prophet Joel who spoke of the moon being turned to blood. The celestial sign of four blood moons respectively occurred on April 15th and October 8th of 2014 and then April 4th and September 28th of 2015. Check.

In addition, if the Old Testament account of whether the Battle of Jericho is any foretelling of the Battle of Armageddon when Jesus will battle the armies of the Antichrist for Jerusalem, then we should not overlook the significance of the number 7 and the seven trumps resounding! Coming soon.

If you are still with me, I would be remiss to not tell you the rest of the story in a nutshell for what the prophet Dan sees in part, John sees in it’s entirety.

Two people will be at work, but one will be left behind. The church will be raptured. Enter the Antichrist and thus the tribulation will begin.

This Antichrist will be good looking, svelte, a real charmer. Then, wait for it. A peace treaty with Israel.

After about 3.5 years, this Turkish delight won’t seem as good as initially perceived. Things are gonna get ugly. And when I say ugly, I mean real ugly. The UNtrinity of Satan, the Antichrist (Beast), and the false prophet will run amok, even to point of replicating Christ’s miracles and resurrection.

But don’t worry because the rider on the white horse is not going to leave his people in their losing position. The Antichrist, the false prophet, and ultimately Satan will meet their demise by being thrown into the lake of fire and those with their names written in the book of life are going to be A-Okay. Got it.

So what does this have to do with the year 2017?

A vast majority of the prophecies have been fulfilled, and many are currently unfolding before us.  The only way America can be great again is to wake up and heed the voice of God before the call of the final trump. This is an epic journey to the end of the ancient words when John the Revelator says “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Yes, I am coming soon.’Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.”

John’s testimony is my testimony too. It is what I hear in the year of our Lord 2017 as I put my ear to the ground.

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  1. OneBusyMom
    OneBusyMom says:

    Hi Teresa. While the words of Jesus tell us that no one knows the day nor the hour, He also says in Matt 24:34
    That “this generation shall not pass till all these things shall be fulfilled”. I am saying that all the signs are there for his return very soon. Keep your ear to the ground and tell your friends and family to get ready. Brandi C.


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