TAKE ACTION: Media Matters attacks Hannity advertiser USAA whose base is military members

Media Matters is targeting companies that advertise on Sean Hannity because of his conservative values.

Media Matters provides a list at the bottom of this article of companies that advertise and companies that stopped advertising.

USAA is one of seven companies and the largest company that has stopped advertising on Sean Hannity.  USAA tweeted the following:

As a forty-one year member of USAA and proud member of a military family I am shocked that USAA would bow to the pressures of the extreme left.”  Proclaims David Caton, President of Florida Family Association.

USAA provides insurance and financial services to millions of active and retired military personnel as well as their families.

There is no doubt that the super majority of the millions of military families USAA serves believes in the public policies and social morals espoused by Sean Hannity.

USAA tweeted “Advertising on opinion shows is not in accordance with our policy and we’ve since corrected that.”  USAA must have just adopted that policy because USAA ads have appeared on Sean Hannity and numerous other opinion shows for years.

The fact is USAA caved to leftists who do not represent the values of the super majority of their members.  USAA’s decision goes against the core values of their membership base.

If USAA truly has a policy not to advertise on “opinion shows” then USAA must stop ALL advertising on CNN and MSNBC because their entire programming including news is opinion based and loaded with fake news.

Unlike many cable news programs, Sean Hannity routinely gives honor to military leaders, fallen heroes and military families in need.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to urge USAA officials to continue advertising with Sean Hannity.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. You may also edit the subject or message text if you wish.

Click here to send your email to urge USAA officials to continue advertising with Sean Hannity.


In another Newsbusters post, the Media Research Center found USAA advertising on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show

Look What Was Just Uncovered About Former Hannity Sponsor USAA

In a post on their website Newsbusters, Media Research Center reports:

A quick search of our recent recordings shows that USAA advertised routinely on cable news channels, so then you can wonder what their “policy” is? Do they somehow think Hardball is not an “opinion show”? Is Chris Cuomo yelling at Republicans on New Day a “news program”? Advertisers can’t just claim they’re not supporting wild partisan opinions and hope no one notices that their claims of a “policy” aren’t true when you watch TV.

Here’s video of a USAA ad on MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews on May 24.

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  1. Brooke Cunningham
    Brooke Cunningham says:

    I am joining the many other customers expressing their disapproval and disappointment with your decision to withdraw advertising from Hannity. He is a big supporter of your client base. The veteran. The people who you support and who invest with you. I have been a customer for over 20 years. If this is some desperate attempt to appease the masses I believe it will fail. I am taking my business elsewhere.

  2. Sue Ketchum
    Sue Ketchum says:

    I think it is sad that uses has become a supporter of only the liberal organizations. I do not like Ivanna Trump lines, but will not shop at stores that pulled her products.ie Belks,Macy, Dillard. Now I feel the same way about Ussa

  3. Gene Sweeney
    Gene Sweeney says:

    Fellow Veterans and Patriots!

    As Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, let us remember the 147 Women Fallen Heroes who have been Killed in War on Terrorism…

    Since the attack on America on September 11, 2001, a total of 147 women deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait have lost their lives in service to America.

    Most Americans, and even members of the media, are not aware that 147 brave servicewomen have died in the War on Terrorism.

    Remember Our Fallen Female Heroes Watch and Listen to the Song Somebody’s Daughter http://bit.ly/2nNwNwS

    The below is a list of the names of deployed military women killed since 9/11, updated on June 15, 2016, should be viewed with sober reflection and gratitude for the courageous women who gave their lives in service to America. Unless otherwise indicated, all servicewomen listed served in the Army:

    To view the list click on http://bit.ly/2pxpO8E .

    Please select a name and donate to Help defray the cost of the engraving the names of Our Fallen Female Heroes who have been killed in the War On Terrorism, click on http://bit.ly/13YCWE4.

    To view the Names that have been engraved on the walls of the 9.11 Fallen Heroes Memorial at Patriots Park in Venice, Florida., click on http://bit.ly/1PhYxN4.

    Please donate to Help defray the cost of the engraving of names of Our Fallen Heroes who have been killed in the War On Terrorism, click on http://bit.ly/13YCWE4.

    To be killed in a war is not the worst that can happen. To be lost is not the worst. To be forgotten is the worst.” Pierre Claeyssens (1909–2003)

    E.F. (Gene) Sweeney
    USAF Vietnam Veteran
    Salt of the Earth USA
    Cum Deo ad Finem

  4. Robert
    Robert says:

    I am very disappointed in USAA! I bet you advertise on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. I am a veteran and Hannity has done a lot for the military veteran. USAA please crash.

  5. Gary Trotta
    Gary Trotta says:

    A company with “USA” in the name cowers like a frightened pupppy. You don’t deserve to call yourselves American.

  6. Francis Fillius
    Francis Fillius says:

    Just plain fed up…
    USAA your losing me as a customer
    Can’t believe anything you say from this point on, the fact you did it in the first place and the timing….just curious as to when this opinion based drop of advertising was implemented? And how you lower yourself as a company and advertise on garbage networks like MSNBC….just done with you guys and your over abundance of Highly paid people!

  7. Christopher Biddy
    Christopher Biddy says:

    As a 45 year member I do not understand what is going on at USAA. If this is a result of some advertising agency,fire them. If by an employee send them out the door. This type of incompetence should not be tolerated.

  8. Maureen Peregord
    Maureen Peregord says:

    Do not understand why USAA has discontinued advertising on the Hannity Show,
    The man is a very outspoken supporter of the USA military along with another show Tucker Carlson, What is the problem? If the shows were cancelled due to some comments regarding our big time military leaders. So What! Are these big shots above criticism? Is this still a free country with freedom of speech?
    I also do not understand and would like an explanation why USAA feels that it is OK to disrespect women veterans and women in general adding cheese cake to their commercials in the why their woman representative dresses. You are so….. behind the times. Low cut dresses showing cleavage and boobs is not appropriate.
    A veteran and family orientated insurance company should not be using sex to sell their product. Shame, you should know better.
    I was considering becoming a member at USAA but not anymore.


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