The neo-Democrat Pedophile Pederast Party

The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and tolerance. The Democrat Party has fully embraced the idea that gender is mutable and having sex with underage children is permissible, even laudable. The Democrat Party has made it a point to elect, hire and defend those who believe in pedophilia and pederasty.

So who are these people that the Democrat Party has embraced?

The website reads:

Democrats stand with the LGBT community’s fight for equality. We are committed to ending anti-LGBT violence, bullying, and discrimination, and to ensuring that LGBT Americans are treated with dignity and respect in their communities, their workplaces, and their schools.

These people fall into two categories: pedophiles and pederasts. A pedophile is a a person who is sexually attracted to children. A pederast is a man who desires or engages in sexual activity with a boy.

The most recent, of many, examples is the revelation that Democratic Mayor of New York city Bill De Blasio’s employee was arrested for child pornography. According to the Daily Mail:

Leading New York young Democrat Jacob Schwartz. Photo: UK Daily Mail.

A de Blasio administration employee and leading New York young Democrat has been arrested on felony charges of child pornography.

Jacob Schwartz, 29, was allegedly keeping more than 3,000 photographs and 89 videos of child pornography, including pictures of baby girls as young as six-months-old, court papers revealed.

The highly illegal content shows ‘young nude females between the approximate ages of six months and 16 (years) engaging in sexual conduct on an adult male,’ reported the New York Post.

[ … ]

Schwartz was the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats and the downstate region vice president of the state’s chapter.

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The Democrat Party is also supported in large part by the Muslim ummah (community). A poll released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found that 74 percent voted for Hillary Clinton and 13 percent voted for Trump. Muslims believe in child marriage and female genital mutilation. LGBT Americans continue to skew Democratic and Liberal according to GallupNBC News reported:

A large majority of registered LGBT voters support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, according to results of two weeks of the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll.

Seventy-two percent of registered LGBT voters support Clinton, compared to 20 percent who support Trump.

[ … ]

In past elections, LGBT voters have played an important role. According to results from the 2012 NBC News Exit Polls, 5 percent of voters identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual and 76 percent voted for Barack Obama.

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In my May 2016 column New Democrat Party: The Red–Green–Rainbow Troika I warned:

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of President John F. Kennedy. Seldom does one hear JFK’s name invoked by Democrats. Why? Because JFK was a war hero, a lifetime member of the NRA, a Catholic, he hated Communists and fought communism, he and his brother Bobby fought organized crime by profiling Italian Americans and he loved America.

Today JFK would be labeled by his own party as a Constitutional conservative.

The NDP has made it its mission to protect the “civil rights and civil liberties” of groups that are both incompatible with one another and with mainstream America.

The groups are incompatible for a number of reasons including:

  1. Communists hate Muslims and gays.
  2. Muslims hate Communists and execute gays (sodomites).
  3. Gays hate all religions, but make an exception for Islam (i.e. the enemy of my enemy is my friend).

At some point these divergent groups will turn on one another. But for the time being they have work to do. That work includes:

  1. Implementing a secular Marxist/Leninist/Socialist/Collectivist system of government in the USA.
  2. Implementing Shariah (Islamic) law in the USA, which, while totalitarian, is incompatible with #1 because it is not secular but rather based upon a strict interpretation of the Qur’an and Hadith.
  3. Demanding rights and privileges at the expense of others rights and privileges, an area of common ground but defined differently by each member of the RGRT.

It now appears that the Democrat Party is facing what the Catholic Church faced when pederast priests raped little boys. A crisis of culture. The Democrat Party is no longer the party of middle class America. It has morphed into the fringe party. The party of pedophiles, pederasts and Mohammed.

This column is a warning to the Republican Party.

Do not go down this pathway because, while the media will defend Democrats, they will not defend you if a Republican pederast or pedophile is exposed!


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