Lawsuit Against Collier School Board To Halt Political Indoctrination Of Students

When it comes to our children and their future, “Where is your line in the sand?”  FLCA has found ours, and we invite you to join with us.

After two years of trying to get the Collier School board to do the right thing, we are suing the Collier County School Board for violating Florida Sunshine law and multiple statutes that require them to teach our founding values and principles, and which require balanced, unbiased and factual material (see a copy of the filed complaint).  We issued a press release about the lawsuit on May 31st.  Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Florida Citizens Alliance has decided,  “Enough is enough!”  We are now an active participant along with Collier parents in a lawsuit for an emergency injunction to stop this “flawed” textbook adoption process. This lawsuit was filed today, May 31st , 2017 in The Circuit Court for the 20th Judicial Circuit in and for Collier County. The Collier County School Board (CCPS) has violated Florida Sunshine Law and ignored at least four Florida statutes, all at the expense of our 46,000 plus students who deserve the “highest quality .instructional materials of professionalism and historical accuracy”.  Quote: FS 1003.42

[Full press release]

We strongly believe the School Board here in Collier County has violated Chapter 128, Florida’s sunshine law and at least four other Florida Statutes including FS 1003.42, FS 1006.28, FS 1006.31(2), and FS 1006.283.

UPDATE:video clips from the Collier County Public Schools “Special Hearing” meeting on June 1, 2017 show clearly that CCPS is NOT interested in community and parental input, nor are they interested in following Florida law.

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