The Good and the Bad: A Tale of Two Women Veterans

Two women veterans have been in the headlines. One was a U.S. Air Force veteran the other was a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces. These two women veterans provide a stark juxtaposition of good versus evil. One is a movie star, the other a traitor. Their names are Gal Gadot and Reality Winner.


Reality Winner mug shot.

Reality Winner’s name is an oxymoron. Winner is a loser. Winner served in the U.S. Air Force and as an employee of the  federal contractor Pluribus International since February, 2017. Winner had a top-secret clearance. NewsMax reports:

Reality Winner, the 25-year-old federal contractor charged with leaking top secret information to the media, has a long social media trail of liberal political posts and is a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Winner also hates President Donald Trump, once posting that the president is a “piece of s***” over his moves to stop protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. Her social media posts have included #notmypresident as well as calls to #resist over Trump’s environmental policies as well as DAPL.

Winner also is a former Air Force linguist who speaks Middle East languages Pashto, Farsi and Dari, her mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told The Guardian.

[ … ]

According to The Daily Caller, Winner is a supporter of Sanders, I-Vt., who describes himself as a “democratic socialist.” He failed in his attempt to win the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton, but amassed a loyal group of supporters.

Winner also backed liberal causes such as the Women’s March and backed the Muslim civil rights group, the Islamic Society of North America, the Caller reported.

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Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot is a winner in real life and on the silver screen. She is an Israeli citizen, former Miss Israel and served honorably in the Israeli Defense Forces. Gadot is a real woman. SOFREP News reports:

After Wonder Woman’s box office success, a number of stories surfaced about the movie’s lead actress who, despite expertly carrying her own blockbuster feature film, was a relative unknown to American audiences before she first donned the bullet-proof bracelets.  Gal Gadot, many soon learned, isn’t just a badass on screen – like all Israeli citizens, she also spent time serving in the military.

Aside from serving as Miss Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant, Gadot also represented her country as a combat trainer for two years is the Israeli Defense Force.  According to Gadot herself, the soldiers she trained were fans of hers well before she started her career on the big screen.

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Feminists have embraced the bad and hate the good.

In a Chicago Tribune op-ed titled Run, Wonder Woman! The feminists are after you! Heather Wilhelm writes:

I can’t help but think that if Wonder Woman were dropped into our prosperous yet angst-filled 21st century, she might find something infinitely more baffling than smothering, multilayered skirts. I’m talking, of course, about today’s weird brand of obsessive, woe-is-me “feminism.”

[ … ]

Speaking of modern feminism melting brains, how else can we explain the media hysteria over the miracle of a female movie lead? “I wasn’t directing a woman,” Patty Jenkins, the film’s director, explained to The New York Times. “I was just directing a hero.” Boy, oh boy, did the press miss that memo. Google the words “wonder woman” and “representation” and you’re in for a long, painful read — and a rather bizarre one, too, if you’ve watched any movies over the past five years.

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In a her column Yes, I’m a Feminist. Yes, I Enjoyed “Wonder Woman” Eileen L. Wittig writes:

I’ll be honest: I went to see Wonder Woman with zero expectations. I was aware that some extreme feminists were already angry about it because she doesn’t have hairy armpits or something, but all I wanted was a couple hours of entertainment.

[ … ]

But that was as far as my feminism took it. I wasn’t at the movie to critique her look, I was there to critique her character.

[ … ]

I do care about how Diana managed to walk that thin, thin line between literally being a weapon, and having empathy.

I care that she saw an unknown life and saved it, because she could, and because she cared.

I care that she was moved to tears when she heard about the suffering of millions of people she’d never even met, and then took that sorrow and turned it into motivation to save the rest.

I care that she was willing to sacrifice her own future life of peace among her family to save strangers.

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As a man I am a big fan of Marvel’s Captain America. He is a man of principle who fought the Nazis in WWII. DC Comics Wonder Woman is a woman of principle who fought the Kaiser and evil during WWI, the war to end all wars.

The only difference is Captain America wears red, white and blue. While the original TV version of Wonder Woman wore red, white and blue, the DC Comics version is politically correct.

I enjoyed both Captain America, the first Avenger and Wonder Woman. I recommend both to our readers.


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