American Pride

Here we are in the month of June.  June represents a month of pride for many.  The Islamic holiday of Ramadan is this month.  This is also Gay Pride month.  Rather ironic that the two would cross paths on the calendar.

But, obviously Muslims and LGBTQ people are not proud just one day or one month per year.  They exude their pride all year long.

So I wondered, how about a month of plain old, good natured, old fashioned American Pride?

Across this land we have a number of communities, ranging from apartment complexes to various kinds of condominium complexes to municipal ordinances that limit the showing of American Pride to just a few days per year.

You may tell me that is not true.  I would then direct you to a plethora of rules, regulations and laws that dictate that the American people can fly the American flag only on a few days.

Memorial Day.

Independence Day.

Veterans Day.

Flag Day.

I count four, just four days.  That is not even a week.  Obviously far short of a full month.

How did we let this happen?  How did it come to be that Americans were shamed in their feeling and showing pride in their nation?  How?

It is due to a relentless attack on all things American.  Don’t doubt me.  We have a political party all geared up to oppose all things great about America.  We cannot feel special.  We cannot feel exceptional.  We are told over and over again by the Democratic Party that we are not great and that we never were great.

They even go so far as to tell the American people that the only way for America to be great is to drop this sill notion of American Pride and join the world community as citizens of the world.  A one world government.

When America joins this one world government, then we can feel pride.  Not the pride of being an American but the pride of capitulating that kind of pride to the false pride of being a citizen of the world.

Donald J Trump campaigned for President of the United States on American Pride.  His slogan was, and still is “Make America Great Again”.  Make America, not the world.

Mr. Trump ignited the fire of American Pride in many.  He instilled the values that have been attributed to “Traditional America”.  He made is safe to feel Pride in America.  He made it cool again.

I don’t know about you, but I get puffed up with pride, American Pride, every time I see the great American Flag waving on someone’s house or business.  I give a silent salute to the driver of that pick-up truck that has the American Flag flying high and free in the truck bed.  I am brimming with pride when I see a motorcyclist with an American Flag on his bike.

I giggle with delight and pride when I see a child with a flag on their bicycle or Big Wheel or peddle car.  I tear up with pride when I see flag after flag on the graves of the fallen heros who bravely defended our flag.

Make no bones about it.  I am full of American Pride and I will be damned if I am forced to admit and show that pride only four days out of the year.

If gays get a month, America gets a year.  Every year.

There is no shame in American Pride.  There is no room for apology for having American Pride.  Negativity does not reside with having pure, unadulterated American Pride.

So the next time someone tells you that you should limit your American Pride, simply respond “I am a Proud American every day of the year.  Period”

Any questions?

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