What Alcoholics, Democrats and the Catholic Hierarchy Have in Common

The ability to accept reality is fading in the U.S. Freedom is failing as minorities insist on their rights like eating a piece of pie from the middle.  “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, Abraham Lincoln.

As a young medical intern 50 years ago, I had a patient in the emergency room who had succumbed to the stresses of running a half-way house for alcoholics. As he mended, I went to an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting with him and appreciated two pamphlets I was given: “Alcoholism is a Merry-Go-Round Named Denial,” and “How to Help an Alcoholic Who Insists He Doesn’t Need Any Help.”

The alcoholic denies he has a problem with alcohol. It’s the fault of the kids, the wife, or the boss. There’s an inability to deal with reality without a drink and it affects everyone in his world.

The political views of some leaders, especially Democrats, are intolerance of reality.

They lost the election but there’s an inability to wait for another opportunity while working together to solve mutual problems. Washington, D.C. has been called the alcoholic capitol of the U.S. and politicians seem bent on rule or hostility, egged on by mainstream media that are willing to crumble the cookie by fighting over it. In a WND.com article titled 1 Nation, No More? Joseph Farah warns media’s propaganda war could ‘explode into a shooting war’. Farah writes:

The U.S. motto, “e pluribus unum,” no longer applies.

We don’t live up to the phrase “out of many, one.” We don’t even try.

It’s passé. The opposite is where we’re heading – “out of one, many.” We have lost our commonality. We have shattered the bonds that once held us together – namely the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the values that inspired them.

Everyone is beginning to notice it. The evidence is in the explosive, vitriolic political rhetoric of the day.

According to a new CBS News poll, three-quarters of Americans feel the current tone of politics and debate is encouraging violence among some people. Violence, not dissent. Violence, not just passion. Violence, not constructive change.

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The media portray the Catholic leadership as divided over the Pope Francis’ liberal ways, but if this nation needs UN peace-keepers, the Pope will be the power behind the throne to favor the end of U.S. sovereignty.

What we are seeing is the creation of problems and a crisis for which they have the answers.

Truth be told, the Bible offers insight to a coming New World Order. In the books of Daniel and the Revelation, we find world governments depicted as fierce beasts of prey in Daniel 7 where Rome was represented by the 4th beast and the papacy by the little horn that grew out of it. This was supported by Protestant reformers who all saw the abuse of papal power (and why early Americans fled the Old World) as fitting Daniel’s description.

Revelation 13 picks up where Daniel 7 left off. Even though it was written centuries before the Holy Roman Empire, the beast in verse 1 is an amalgamation of Daniel’s beasts that the papacy survived. Then the US (2nd beast, verse 11, causes the world to make an image—a look-alike to the Old World Order. New World Order is what’s coming, also seen by the papacy riding that beast in Revelation 17 where all the clues can only fit one church, also called the Mother of Harlots (false churches that no longer protest her).

Here’s a prophetic view of reality,

“When the time comes and men realize that the social edifice must be rebuilt according to eternal standards, be it tomorrow, or be it centuries from now, the Catholics will arrange things to suit said standards.”

“Undeterred by [others]…They will make obligatory the religious observance of Sunday on behalf of the whole of society and for its own good, revoking the permit for freethinkers and Jews to celebrate incognito, Monday or Saturday on their own account. Those whom this may annoy, will have to put up with the annoyance. Respect will not be refused to the Creator nor repose denied to the creature simply for the sake of humoring certain maniacs, whose frenetic condition causes them stupidly and insolently to block the will of a whole people.” (The Liberal Illusion, Louis Veuillot, published by the National Catholic Welfare Conference, Washington, D.C.).

Never mind that ‘Sunday’ (their creation, also day of pagan sun worship) isn’t commanded in the Bible and “the first day” (reference to what we know as Sunday) is only found once in the book of Acts while “Sabbath” is found nine times—three times as “every Sabbath”–the custom of the apostles. They saw no change in the day of worship. Not Sunday, but baptism by immersion is the Bible symbol to honor the resurrection as we rise to walk in a new, Christian life—not by sprinkling an infant that has no understanding.

This isn’t against sincere Catholics, but against a system that fails to teach the Bible as the basis of life and salvation, Matthew 4:4; 23:9.

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