VIDEO: Accusations Against Trump Election Integrity Commission Are ‘Nonsense’

In the video below, Judicial Watch Senior Attorney and Director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project Robert Popper provides you with keen insight into the Trump administration’s voting commission and clears-up some of the misinformation circulating in the news. ​


Robert Popper joined Judicial Watch in September 2013 as a senior attorney and as director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project. Prior to joining Judicial Watch, Mr. Popper worked for eight years, five as deputy chief of the Voting Section, in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, in which capacity he garnered numerous professional awards. Before that, Mr. Popper worked as a private attorney in New York City for 17 years, where his practice extended to a wide range of legal matters, including voting rights. Mr. Popper served as counsel in a successful constitutional challenge alleging racial segregation in the design of New York’s congressional districts, and successfully defended the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Popper is a published author on the topic of voting rights law. He developed a legal standard relating to gerrymandering that is widely cited by experts and was adopted by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. He has testified before the Missouri Senate Redistricting Committee and the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee; and he has spoken about voting rights to a conference of U.S. Attorneys at the National Advocacy Center, to state officials, and to countless local community representatives. Mr. Popper is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University Law School. He is admitted to practice in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.


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Full Transcript:

“Trump’s Election Integrity Commission has asked states for their voter rolls in order to collect data on voter registration practices. This has been variously reported in the media and in extreme cases, it has been reported as a threat.

What people need to understand is that this is a very ordinary request. Judicial Watch routinely asks states for their voter registration rolls. And we get them. States like North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida provide them for free, and other states require a fee of anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars.

Private marketing groups get ahold of these voter registrations all the time; they’re for sale, they’re exchanged. The idea that the Trump administration is doing something outrageous is nonsense. What they’re doing is gathering data on voter registration that we’ve needed for years.”

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