Trump, Russiagate, and the Media: The Colluder Vanishes

Now that the Trump/Russia collusion narrative is starting to lose traction, media outlets are desperately working to drop the story and cover their tracks. However, research conducted by the nonpartisan People’s Cube, America’s most trusted and most equal news source, has uncovered evidence of media collusion.

Disturbing facts proving that major news sources have changed their stories and altered images to hoodwink an unsuspecting public have been made available by anonymous sources, current and former officials, and sources close to Rachel Maddow.

Notice how in the first picture Trump is seen photographed with the Russian ambassador, Sergei Lavrov.

However, in the next picture, Lavrov has been clearly replaced with a potted plant. This is a clever attempt to not only whitewash the story of Russian collusion, but also to introduce the new narrative questioning Trump’s sanity.

In the next picture, Trump is seen with two leading editors of Pravda, the Russian news magazine.

Notice how a later alteration shows Trump only with the mustachioed reporter, and then one more alteration shows him by himself as if he had never met with either reporter.


Finally, in this last and perhaps most damning picture, president-elect Trump and Mike Pence are seen with the infamous Soviet head of NKVD/Foreign Elections Influence Division, Nikolai Yezhov. In an effort to obliterate any evidence of Russian collusion, photoshoppers at CNN simply removed Yezhov from the picture.

Indeed, in the media’s nefarious efforts to change their story on Russian collusion, they have attempted to see to it that the colluder vanishes with the story. Nice try, media, but we’ve caught you “red” handed.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by Komissar al-Blogunov originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

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