Trumped 2.0 — 2018

2016 marketed the point at which American voters had had enough and were determined to make a real change in the voting booth. A new American revolution that started with millions of discontented voters on both sides of the political aisle, resulted in the presidential election of the only true D.C. outsider in the race, businessman Donald J. Trump.

The one-percenter at the start of the 2016 presidential primaries swept the largest field of high-profile GOP contenders in U.S. history. He not only came from the back of the pack to claim the GOP nomination, he defeated “sure thing” Hillary Clinton and her massive international war room in the general election.

The natives were more than restless. They were on the war path to remove career politicians from power. That was TRUMPED 1.0… seizing the people’s White House.

Next is 2.0 2018

The same 63 million voters who placed Donald Trump at the helm in 2016, have more work to do in 2018. Trump’s agenda is their agenda… and their agenda has been held up by career politicians on both sides of the aisle. Despite Republican control of the White House, the House, the Senate, a majority of state governorships, most state legislatures and the U.S. Supreme Court, the people’s agenda is moving at a snail’s pace, at best.

The “swamp” is still controlling our country and the current crop of Republicans spend more time fighting each other than “draining the swamp.” So, here comes TRUMPED 2.0 – the Taking of Congress…

It’s a bi-partisan problem

Both political parties are internally divided within… The Democratic Party was literally divided 50/50 in 2016 between criminal has-been Hillary Clinton and the leader of the Marxist movement in America, Bernie Sanders. That massive internal division in the DNC left an electoral college open door for Trump. Party hacks of the past like Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Water and many others, are as unpopular with their own constituents as they are with Republican voters.

Even though many democrat voters were not thrilled with Trump, they were even less thrilled with their democratic alternatives.

However, the Republican Party is in similar sad shape today, internally divided between the all-American TRUMP Revolution contingency and has-been career globalist Republicans like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Members like Rand Paul are emerging as the future of GOP politicians.

The bad news is, both parties suffer from their past and ongoing indiscretions against the people who put them in power. The good news is, this makes every career incumbent increasingly vulnerable in 2018, no matter which party they belong to…

2018 Incumbent Hunting

Clearly, it no longer makes much difference which party a politician chooses to affiliate with… neither party currently represents the will of their constituents. Party loyalty long outlived loyalties shown to voters by the people they placed in power. Just as loyalty to constituents is a thing of the past, so is blind party loyalty.

Because there is no such thing as “3rd party solutions,” the people face the exact same choice today that our Founders faced 241-years ago… and only one of those choices is good.

OPTION 1 – A “Constitutional Representative Republic”

OPTION 2 – A “pure democracy” referred to by our Founders as mere “mob rule”

OPTION 3 – A “multi-party parliament” form of government akin to that of the UK and EU

Our Founders chose OPTION 1 and for very good reasons. In fact, they “guaranteed every state a republican form of government.” Not democratic form of government, or parliamentary form of government… a “republican form of government.”


CONSTITUTIONAL – subject to and governed by the Supreme Law of the land, to include the Bill of Rights.

REPRESENTATIVE – Any form of government which does not represent the “majority interests” of Americans within the confines of the Law of the Land, is not a “representative” form of government.

REPUBLIC – A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. A group with a certain equality between its members.

There is no such thing as a 3-party system. The choice is 2-party or multi-party when it comes to political organizations designed to represent one side or another of the people’s interests. The two sides (parties) were never intended to be “right vs. left.” They were intended to be “right vs. wrong” giving the American people a clear choice between the two.

A no-party system is a “pure democracy,” (mob rule) wherein a simple voting majority makes policy for everyone, without any regard for constitutional guarantees or limitations designed to protect the minority from the mob.

No American should want anything but what the Founders gave us… because everything else is not a Constitutional Representative Republic.

This reality leaves Americans with one political solution to the challenges we face today… Incumbent hunting!


People talk about “term limits” as a solution. Why? House members have a two-year limit and members of the Senate have a six-year limit. Every two years, the American people have an opportunity to fire everyone in the House and 1/3 of the Senate. That means it would take only six-years to fire everyone in Congress… They must be primaried out!

In addition, we don’t “vote out” or “term limit” criminals committing acts of sedition, subversion or treason… we force them to resign and arrest them, filling the vacancy in a special election. We don’t even have to wait two days much less two-years to deal with criminals.


In 2016, the tsunami of angry Americans took back the White House by storm… They will have to take back Congress in 2018 by taking out every incumbent up for re-election.

Time for the entire Federal Government to be of, by and for the American people again. Let the New American Revolution rage on!

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