The Best Way to Get Regime Change in North Korea

Chaver Stephen Bryen has a practical solution for the increasing threat of North Korean long range missiles to the continental U.S. Something that might equally apply to Iran: shoot them down.

That would require our Missile Defense Agency to bolster current weapons programs and get the Trump Administration State Department to create effective information programs for North Koreans aimed at regime change.

The trick is can we do that without triggering a brusque response from China. Frankly do we have the means to do that given our track record in tests of Ground Based Mid Course interceptors and Aegis Standard missile 3s and the THAAD systems whch could be embarrassing if we miss.

As Bryen and others including us have argued, we lack a boost phase capability like a high energy laser system that the Air Force abandoned and the Navy has developed a demonstrated a ship borne system.

As to regime change in North Korea expansion of a program to flood the hermetic kingdom with thumb drives containing videos of those South Korean soap operas and comments by defectors might have surprising salutary effect on those deriving and starving civilians.

But there may be a way to induce regime officials to abandon the hereditary regime a proposed $175 billion re-unification fund SEE: Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen, “The Best Way to Get Regime Change in North Korea.

Target practice and North Korea’s missiles

There is a way to slow down North Korea’s missile program and there is no need to launch any military attack on the Pyongyang regime.


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