THE ORGANIZED LEFT AND CHURCH MILITANT: They must not like us very much… video by Michael Voris

Well, here we are at the beginning of August, having consigned July into the history books. What a month! It began on the fourth of July weekend with Church Militant being shown the door, practically before we even entered it, at the Convocation of Catholic Leadership down in Orlando. That seems like a hundred years ago.


Well, here we are at the beginning of August, having consigned July into the history books. What a month! It began on the fourth of July weekend with Church Militant being shown the door, practically before we even entered it, at the Convocation of Catholic Leadership down in Orlando. That seems like a hundred years ago.

What we got harassed over was passing out these flyers, which basically said to any of the 3,000-plus delegates in attendance, “Please pay attention to four major areas in your discussions.” Those areas were the pressing need to preach on Hell, the need for much greater reverence in the Liturgy, the very pressing need to speak more clearly on sexual morality and the need for increased devotional life.

Only in the current condition the Church is in could anyone object to those issues. But object they did, with the bishops’ security plastering a most-wanted poster on the wall in their security room, as well a copy of the flyer with all its “errant messaging” about Hell and purity and reverence at Mass. Radicals these Church Militant folks, just radical, divisive troublemakers.

A bishop sitting in front of a large crowd even took what some people have viewed as a veiled swipe at us regarding the flyers. We titled them “Save The Church.” The bishop dismissed the need to “save the Church,” telling the crowd we already have a Savior. Too bad Venerable Abp. Fulton Sheen wasn’t still alive to put him in his place. It was Sheen after all who first brought up the question of “who is going to save our Church” back in 1972. And not surprisingly, his answer was “not the bishops.” Clearly.

Then a couple weeks later, Church Militant’s website got hacked, and we got shut down for the better part of a day. This incident highlighted the concern for us to take what limited steps we could to protect at least part of our information, so we appealed to you to help us raise the needed $50,000. You generously responded, donating an additional $20,000, which we needed to pay the bills for fixing the hack and restoring services.

Then in quick succession came the Vatican hit piece where Church Militant was assailed for plotting with Protestants to drive the political machinery of the country — in league with Steve Bannon in the White House — to install a theocracy. That’s so imbecilic, we actually laughed when we first read it. But then that stupid narrative started gaining international traction, and before you know it — bam — Church Militant is getting more notoriety on the Left.

Which brings us to last week, as well as our upcoming Men’s Conference this weekend. Leftists, meaning Socialists, who wrongly accuse Church Militant of being anti-woman, anti-immigrant, blah blah, showed up to hold a press conference, announcing plans to shut down our anti-woman, hate conference next weekend. Things didn’t go really well for them. The local and national press covered the story of their plans to shut us down this coming weekend, and the press event petered out. Only a dozen or so protesters showed up in front of the studios last Friday, looking a little forlorn. In the end, it looked more like an anti-Trump rally with its message of immigration rhetoric all over a giant banner.

They forgot to call us and ask if we are anti-immigration. If they had done that, they would quickly learn that a quarter of our department heads are immigrants, and the founder of the apostolate, yours truly, is the son of an immigrant. Note to Socialists inside the Vatican, as well as outside, do your research before opening your mouths. But hey, thanks for the increased publicity and jump in subscribers and supporters — always helpful.

When Pope Leo XIII was condemning Socialism back in the late 1800s as evil and a spreader of lies and hatred of the One True Church, he forgot to include in his encyclicals that they don’t do their homework very well. But joking aside, we wanted to recap all of this that happened in the span of just one month to show you how much more visible Church Militant is becoming. Any more failed attacks against this apostolate dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel and consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and George Soros himself is going to have to crawl out from his dark place and form his own protest.

It’s clear that a new normal has been set by the Left, those theological dissidents, as well as thinly disguised Communists in the political realm when it comes to Church Militant. Why? Because they know we are relentless at exposing their evil, which has as its source the same father of lies. The truth is that Hell hates this apostolate because people hear the Truth and convert or come back to the Faith.

Just like for many of us here on staff, the Truth was compelling enough on its own, in its hard-cutting- brilliant-life-altering glory to stop us dead in our tracks and change course. Many of us on staff here know a thing or two, unfortunately, about accepting the lies of the demon and ordering our lives around those lies — that is until the Truth dispelled the evil.

Now we, like so many of you, are on a mission to preach that truth in all its brilliant-terrible-frightening glory. And wise-cracking bishops, taking cheap shots at us or Socialists in the Vatican, who need to really pay attention to the teaching on Hell or their political counterparts out on the streets, aren’t going to stop us from what we do. Whether these people are deluded and ignorant or actually malevolent, we’ll leave that to God but they are batting for team Satan, and we are not going to roll over or accommodate or go away.

The reason this apostolate exists is precisely to wage war against Hell and its hatred of humanity. We have the standards of his two most hated foes, flying atop this Catholic fortress — Our Blessed Mother and St. Michael. They are our protection. And they need to be your protection. As we said, a new normal has been set, but it’s not just against this apostolate. We’re just highly visible.

The new normal of attack and defame and shame and discredit is aimed at every soul consecrated to Our Lord and Our Lady. None of this is going to stop because the demon responsible for it all isn’t going to stop until the Last Day. We will be doing more Vortex episodes on attacks from leftist members of the hierarchy or the political Left because those attacks will not come to an end. But we’d like to suggest that you use this occasion to do a spiritual gut check and ask yourselves how much opposition are you engendering among those in your orbit? Do people come to despise you and ridicule you because of your Catholicism? If they aren’t, you need to think about that. The world is either indifferent to Our Blessed Lord or hates Him. If you aren’t getting your share of that, then you probably aren’t fighting hard enough.

A man is not judged so much by his friends but by his enemies. Make sure you have the right enemies. And thank you for all your words and emails and letters of encouragement and prayers. Keep them up.

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