EXPOSED: Students for Justice in Palestine’s Hidden Tactics at University of Maryland

Last year Canary Mission released a damning exposé on anti-Israel activists at the University of Maryland (UMD).

Now the school has caught our attention again. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) activists innovated a devious new strategy to bolster support for BDS on campus.

In February 2017 SJP activists Sarah Eshera and Saarah Javed created the UMD Muslim Political Alliance (MPA). Ostentibly a Muslim political and cultural interest group, from the outset MPA functioned hand-in-glove with SJP.

In the short time since it’s creation, MPA has co-sponsored a host of events together with SJP, including:

SJP thought they could hide – they thought they could get away with it, but we caught them! MPA was founded by SJP activists and shares multiple members with SJP. Their cynical attempt to bolster BDS on campus by creating a new “political” organization is now exposed!

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Sarah Eshera has vilified pro-Israel Jews on social media, disrupted pro-Israel activity on campus and campaigned for the BDS movement at UMD. An SJP activist, she is the founder and president of the Muslim Political Alliance (MPA) at UMD, which campaigns for the BDS movement alongside SJP at UMD. Ironically, she is also one of two undergraduate members of the UMD University Senate’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee! The committee is tasked with advising the Office of Diversity and Inclusion “in the prevention and eradication of all forms of discrimination on the campus.”
Saarah Javed , an SJP activist, co-founded the MPA with Sarah Eshera (above). She was also an active participant in a 2016 Israel Fest disruption.
Mariame Moumena, an undergraduate research assistant at the UMD Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, has spread hatred of Jews and Israel on social media. She tweeted “The amount of yahood [Jews] at my uni is disgustingly high 😷😷😷.” and “Yan3al al yahood wa abu Al yahood [Damn the Jews and the Father of the Jews] 😡😡😡.”
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