VIDEO: President Donald J. Trump’s remarks at the MAGA Rally in West Virginia

President Trump once again left the echo chamber of Washington, D.C. to meet with and speak to real Americans.

James Conley Justice Jr., an American coal mining and agriculture businessman and politician who is the 36th and current Governor of West Virginia was introduced by President Trump. Governor Justice said he could not longer serve West Virginia as a Democrat. Governor Justice said that the Democrats had let him down. He called President Trump ” a good man.” Governor Justice then said he is switching party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

To cheers of USA, USA, USA, President Trump used this occasion to remind the people of West Virginia and all Americans that he was elected to represent the people, not the special interests.

President Trump said Washington “is full of people only looking out for themselves.” The President said about all Democrats, “The only reason they are talking about the made up Russia story is that they have no message, no agenda and no vision.” The President then asked the crowd, “Are there any Russians here tonight?”

Watch President Trump’s full remarks, courtesy of NBC News:


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of President Trump speaking at a West Virginia Make America Great Again rally on August 3, 2017.

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  1. Michael N. Marcus
    Michael N. Marcus says:

    Yipes! Watching the crazed zombies in the audience was as frightening as listening to Donny. These sycophants are too stupid to be allowed to vote, or maybe even to be allowed to consume our precious air and water.

    Donny is still bitching about Hillary, and his Trumpkins love every lie he spews.


    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:


      Thanks for watching the video of President Trump and commenting.

      I thought the Democrat Party was changing direction and stopping the “resistance.” Clearly you didn’t get the memo.

      Good luck in 2018. Keep saying what you are saying. When Trump’s opponents are committing suicide, don’t interfere.


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