Charlottesville: ‘Brother, you asked for it!’

The two violent fringe groups that went at it in Charlottesville this past weekend are but two sides of the same coin. It’s evocative of Germany’s SA group versus the SS group in the run-up to the second World World War. The media’s soft scrub propaganda of Antifa, a vicious violent leftwing movement, is designed to deceive and distract Americans. Both groups are violent and racist, hellbent on destroying the idea of individual rights and equality for all before the law.

“Brother, you asked for it!”

The line from Atlas Shrugged that comes to mind in the wake of this past weekend’s racial violence in Charlottesville, North Carolina, is the message that appeared on a building billboard: “Brother, you asked for it!”  Hank Rearden sees the message, signed by Francisco d’Anconia, and burst out laughing.  No one is laughing in the aftermath of the unrest that sparked when white supremacists clashed with Black Lives Matter and other counter-protests, resulting in bloodshed.  But purveyors of race politics did ask for this inevitable outcome, by elevating the supremacy of the group—black, white or otherwise—over the individual.  Jeffrey Tucker looks to the root causes of the mayhem, suggesting, “It’s not about bad people as such. Many of the young men and women involved in this movement were raised in good homes and, under normal conditions, would never hurt anyone. What this is about is bad ideas.”  In one of the most provocative reflections on the unrest, Tucker traces its ideologic origins…

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A Reichstag Moment?

A Reichstag Moment?

Maybe it is as it all seems.  A “white Nazi” named James Alex Fields Jr. plows his car with murderous intent into peaceful black protestors, killing one and injuring a score of others, and the demonization of whites becomes fully justified in America.

A perfect moment for the Hate Trump Dems and the Left.  But maybe too perfect. Taylor Lorenz is a well-known journalist now with The Hill newspaper in DC (the “hill” is Capitol Hill, it’s certainly not right-wing).  She was right there when Fields crashed his car.  She then went to the police station where Fields was being held.  She tweeted:

The incredible violence of baseball bat wielding Antifas is ignored by the Lying Swine.  This incident is being lied about in order to demonize all whites and President Trump.  It is a true Reichstag moment.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

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