Repeal and Replace Congress 2018

In the 2018 mid-term elections, all 435 U.S. House members are up for reelection and in the U.S. Senate, 25 democrats and 9 republicans are running for reelection. Not one of them has kept their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, “so help me God.”

The 2016 election was a landmark shift away from liberal concepts to American concepts, as demonstrated by voters crossing party lines to support long-shot outsider Donald J. Trump for President with a common concern in mind.

The TOP 4 2016 election issues with voters from both parties

  1. Terrorism and National Security – 87% across party lines
  2. The economy – 87% across party lines
  3. Employment, Jobs – 84% across party lines
  4. Health Care – 79% across party lines, although not in agreement on the solution

In the end, voters across party lines shared the same four primary concerns in 2016 by wide margins and they trusted Donald J. Trump more than Hillary Clinton to deal with these four primary issues.

On other matters of interest, the political divisions become more visible.

Other TOP issues for Republican Voters 2016

  1. National Debt and ongoing deficit spending
  2. Foreign Threats
  3. Ineffective Government
  4. Illegal Immigration
  5. Rising taxation without representation

Other TOP issues for Democrat Voters 2016

  1. Free Government funded education K through College
  2. Government redistribution of private wealth

Issues of less interest to voters from either party

  1. Gun Laws
  2. Wall Street and Bank Regulations
  3. Social issues, gay marriage, abortion, transgender
  4. Climate Change

(All data taken from broad-based Gallup polls HERE)

The result of the 2016 election cycle was Republican Party control of the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The demise of democrat political power that had cost the party over 1000 political seats between 2008-2016, continued in 2016, leaving democrats essentially completely powerless under normal circumstances.

But the circumstances present as the new administration took power in January 2017 were anything but normal. The global “never-Trump” operation was about to hit overdrive. Establishment career politicians on both sides of the aisle were sent a loud and clear message… Represent OUR will or we will repeal and replace YOU! They had to double down and fast…

The Next Seven Months

Immediately following the 2016 upset of “sure thing” Hillary Clinton, the “never-Trump” operation launched into overdrive. Every possible tool and tactic was on the table. The only rule of engagement was – destroy Trump by any means necessary.

Trump had stepped between Making America Great Again and the Global Governance Agenda launched by Bill and Hillary Clinton in the early 90s, labeled Global Governance 2030, later labeled UN Agenda 21 by the United Nations.

Trump stepped into much worse than any “swamp.” He stepped squarely between the global power structure hell-bent on reducing the United States to a 3rd world level partner in a global commune -and- American voters from all party affiliations who want no part of it.

The “never-Trump” operation involves foreign governments, the United Nations, the Democratic Party, many members of the Republican Party in congress and state governments, 97% of all Federal Employees, the “fake news” media, Hollywood, DOJ Officials, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the DNI, George Soros and his more than 200 NGOs, the Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America, Islamists, illegal alien invaders, ANTIFA and BLM, giant international corporations, the education system and K-College kids…. On and on and on….

It’s not just a “swamp.” Trump stepped into the middle of a velvet global war to destroy America and took a stand with the dying breed of Americans who still believe our foundations can make America great again. Trump and his voters are at war… and the sooner they realize it, the better.

Beyond Executive Orders, some of which are also blocked by judicial tyranny, the 2016 election agenda is entirely blocked by congress. Congressional republicans even took measures to prevent any recess appointments by Trump. The agenda is being blocked by republicans in charge, working with democrats to remove Trump from the Oval Office and keep America on track to global governance.

Repeal and Replace Congress 2018

The national agenda of more than 63 million Trump voters has been stalled for the first seven months of the Trump Administration. Trump and his original team have been under constant daily assault by the “never-Trump” operation since the day Trump announced his bid for the White House.

But it isn’t just democrat global Marxists working to subvert and undermine Trump and his supporters. Republicans like Jeff Flake (AZ) and Bob Corker (TN) have been working with known enemies like John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) to force the demise of the Trump presidency in short order. As a result, democrats are still running Washington DC despite republican majorities. Should politicians who fail to keep their oath even be allowed to run for reelection?

If the people who supported Trump in 2016 remain committed to their pro-American agenda, they will have to repeal and replace congress in 2018. Trump cannot MAGA alone and under constant assault.

Republican members running for reelection must be replaced in the primaries by challengers who will keep their oaths. Democrats must be defeated in the general election by viable conservative challengers. The same way 63 million voters TRUMPED the 2016 elections, they will have to TRUMP congress in 2018.

Assuming Trump can successfully defend against those at war with him long enough to see the mid-term elections, the people of this country must eliminate as many career turncoats as possible in 2018, or their agenda will remain beyond their grasp.

The people must start right now, unite for the fight, organize in coordinated strategic plans district by district, state by state with senators, and they must not fail. Voters hold the future in their hands. Evil will prevail if good people do nothing!

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