It’s the Ideology Stupid!

Frank Thiboutot sent this as a letter-to-the-editor to the Portland Press Herald in Maine. Needless to say, it went unpublished.

We are publishing it here for all to reflect upon.


To: The smartest people in the room who believe that tolerance at the expense of the truth isn’t total stupidity.

What ideology turned beautiful, innocent German newborns into Nazis who were responsible for up to 85 million deaths during WWII?

What ideology turned beautiful, innocent Russian or Chinese newborns into communists which lead to 94 million deaths in the 20th century?

What ideology turned beautiful, innocent Middle Eastern, No. African or Arabian newborns into Islamic jihadists responsible for 270 million deaths for 1400 years? (Hint: It wasn’t Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism or even wiccanism)

*Combating these attacks from a counter-terrorism or counter insurgency position is helping but not working.

*Candlelight vigils, turning out the lights on the Eiffel Tower and teddy bears are not working.

*Telling us that Islam is a religion of peace is not working.

*Qualifying Islam as radical, extremist, hijacked, militant or fundamentalist is not working.

*Appealing to “moderate” Muslims is not working.

*Insisting mosques are places of worship just like churches & synagogues rather than seditious jihadist factories is not working.

*Insisting that “No-Go Zones” or Sharia courts do not exist is not working

*Allowing CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front group access to the highest levels in our institutions is not working.

*Talking tough AFTER a jihadist attack is not working.

*Blaming the only democratic country in the Middle East and legitimizing the Palestinian cause is not working.

*Throwing out the welcome mat by Europe and the U.S. to Muslim refugees is not working.

*Using the excuse that all religions have had violence in their history is not working.

*Claiming that there is a moral equivalence among all the major religions is not working.

*Not wanting to offend the perpetually offended Ummah (Muslim community) is not working.

*Believing the ACLU that FGM is not taking place in the U.S. is not working.

*Continuing to purchase OPEC oil to finance the purchase of weapons is not working.

*Regurgitating the “Lone Wolf” mantra that terrorists are being radicalized on the internet as a deflection is not working.

*Vilifying those who are trying to warn the West from committing cultural suicide is not working.

*Destroying ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hamas, al-Shabab, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and so on will not work in the long term to solve this problem.

So, what is the answer?

It’s simple. Drilling down to the root causes and motivations behind Islamic jihad are what’s necessary. 2500+ years ago, Sun Tzu believed in knowing the enemy which means understanding in detail his political philosophy.

Why aren’t there nationally televised public forums on Sharia law vs. our U.S. Constitution? Why do politicians, academicians and the media continue to apologize and enable Islamic jihad? What are they hiding? Are they being bought off?

We must unravel Islamic doctrine (the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith), expose it and it would implode on itself if our pathetic “leaders” actually had the backbone to do it. If you think that we’re going to accept these attacks as the new normal or that “terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city”, then you’re totally misjudging the American people. Peeling back the onion on this threat is long overdue.

Frank Thiboutot
Portland, ME Chapter Leader
Act for America


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