VIDEO: Taking down violent Antifa Marxists and the Alt-‘Right’

The Revolutionary Act clears up the clouds of media confusion over who the alt-right is and who Antifa is on the ABC panel. I explain how neither have anything to do with the Right in America.

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  1. Esther Rachwal
    Esther Rachwal says:

    What I would like to see brought out is that the opposing protesters brought clubs,
    various forms of weapons to fight the Supremacist group. Sure, we don’t support
    Nazi’s. Supremacists, or the KKK but they had the permit to march and it is their
    First Amendment Right to do this. But where was the condemnation for the Antifa
    rioters, Black Lives Matter and the other antagonists? The press just want to trash
    the President no matter what he said. If anything, the press is just fanning the flames
    of hate to suit their own purpose


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