Republican Governor of Illinois Signs Statewide Sanctuary Law for Illegals

The Republican governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, just signed into law a measure that protects the state’s nearly 500,000 illegals from deportation — in essence, a massive sanctuary bill.

Basically, the new state law will make it illegal for police to arrest or detain illegals based solely on their immigration status.

Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

In other words: Police won’t be able to tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement about illegals in the state — and therefore, feds won’t be able to deport illegals in the state.

What is going on with the Republican Party?

Breitbart has more:

The new law will essentially make it impossible for Illinois police to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they have a suspected criminal illegal alien on their hands, thus increasing the possibility that they will be freed back into the general public.

The sanctuary state law also makes it illegal for local law enforcement to arrest an illegal alien, even if the individual is wanted by ICE for immigration violations.

Rauner’s signing of the sanctuary state law ushers in a new era for Illinois. Currently, there is a booming illegal alien population of more than 450,000, according to Pew Research. Of those illegal aliens in the state, more than 70 percent are from Mexico. As Breitbart Texas reported, the open borders lobby cheered the new law, saying it will “attract more immigrants” to the state.

The big business lobby in Illinois is also likely to support the law, as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently asked that the state bring in more immigrants to take low-skilled jobs, despite a widespread problem with African-American youth unemployment, as Breitbart Texas reported.


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

2 replies
  1. Esther Rachwal
    Esther Rachwal says:

    What kind of a Republican is he? Good Grief. When they need help from Washigton
    for their massive debt, they should be in for a big surprise when they are denied and
    fined because of making Illinois a sanctuary state.

  2. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    I (sadly) helped vote him in. Now I’ll have to help vote him out since he’s now no more than a sell out to the liberal left. It’s ALL about votes, don’t let anyone fool you! And Rauner just LOST MINE.


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