Bourne Attorney Makes It Official, Will Run For Attorney General in Massachusetts

BOURNE, Mass. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Bourne attorney, James “Jay” McMahon, has officially thrown his hat into the ring to run as the Republican candidate for the Office of Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Last month, at an event held in Westport, sponsored by the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, McMahon formally announced for the position, kicking off his campaign.

McMahon delivered a fiery speech in which he ripped into the current Attorney General, Maura Healey, for violating the constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens, as opposed to upholding them.  Several times throughout his speech, McMahon would ask the rhetorical question, “Whose side is she on?”  He pointed out that the President’s temporary travel ban from six failed nations is to protect Americans from terrorists until the initiation of “Extreme Vetting”, but that Attorney General Healey is suing the Trump Administration to overturn that Executive Order.

In addressing last week’s Court Decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, McMahon said that the decision holds that state law does not require court officers and local authorities to hold illegal aliens on ICE civil detainers, and that it is a sad day for law enforcement, but not for Healey.  McMahon cited news articles quoting Maura Healey and ACLU lawyers as saying, “This is a victory for us, we won!”  McMahon asks, “Whose side is she on?”

McMahon hit on 3 points which he said will be central to his campaign:

  1. Resolving the Opiate Crisis in Massachusetts;
  2. Halting the erosion of Public Safety; and,
  3. The current violations of civil rights of citizens, such as Christian churches and gun owners, to name a few.

As his speech concluded, McMahon stated that there are many people and organizations currently suing Maura Healey in order to exercise their constitutional rights.  McMahon explained those rights as found in the federal and state constitutions.

McMahon stated that, “You will not have to sue me in order to exercise your constitutional rights.  I will uphold those rights as written in the Constitutions, as my oath of office would require of me. Maura Healey will not do this; but I will!”

After encouraging the crowd to join his campaign, McMahon also promised, “Your rights, and your guns, are safe with me!”

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