These Nuns are Selling Off the Faith by Michael Voris

The symbolism of statues is very important. It’s why the socialist Lefties are going after them with such fury because symbols mean something.


The symbolism of statues is very important. It’s why the socialist Lefties are going after them with such fury because symbols mean something.

In Catholicism, statues are more than just symbols although they have symbolic value as well. They are also reminders, meaning they actively bring to mind thoughts of the Church Triumphant, those Catholics who are now in Heaven who have achieved faith’s goal — their salvation. As such, we in the Church Militant, use statues as inspiration as we make intercessory prayer to the saints to help us also achieve faith’s goal.

Catholics have a crazy devotional life toward the saints. After all, they were once in the Church Militant, as well, and they understand our travails of working out our salvation in fear and trembling — the weight of the Cross.

The tossing out of statues by modernists in the Church following Vatican II and the ensuing decades was something other than just differing tastes in art and aesthetics. It was about theology, about Catholic identity, about changing how Catholics viewed themselves in relation to the world. Catholic statues stood as a kind sentinel, guarding against the encroachment of the world. Their presence reminds us of the heavenly, directs our thoughts to the heavenly and as such passes a sort of judgment on worldliness. In years gone by, you couldn’t walk into a truly Catholic home without at least one statue and quite often several.

Same for parishes, religious houses, and schools, most especially schools, which is why what a Dominican school in California is doing is so outlandish. The nuns at San Domenico School in San Anselmo in luxurious Marin County just north of San Francisco, have pulled down 90 percent of the statues around their well-to-do campus. Just 18 remain of what was originally 180. The sisters’ reasoning? They don’t want to “alienate” non-Catholic parents or students. What about Catholic parents and students who want the statues present because, well, after all, that’s what they pay the $30,000 a year tuition bill for — a Catholic education. Oh, did we mention that along with the statutes, the Catholic education has hit the bricks too, courtesy of the nuns who don’t want to alienate anyone except good Catholics?

Yes, the official line from the nuns about Catholic religious instruction on campus is “It’s really about empowering each student and giving them the information so they can discover their own purpose, their own truth. We believe the best way to understand your own faith is to learn about the faiths of others.” And that about says it all.

See, the statues are more than just symbols in this fight for identity, especially Catholic identity. Their presence speaks to the reality of Truth, divinely revealed Truth that large quarters of the Church just don’t want to deal with anymore. It’s not even certain they actually believe in Truth, divinely revealed or not, as well as even the Divine Itself to be perfectly clear.

Eighty percent of the 660 students are not Catholic with one out of five boarding at the school — a preferred course of action for “raising” their young among wealthy internationals. They hail largely from various parts of Asia and are Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims. At $30,000 a pop at a minimum, we bet the administration doesn’t want to alienate their customers, er, students. This entire sad episode would have gone completely unnoticed, stayed entirely under the radar except for the fact that it happened to coincide with the statue hysteria sweeping across the country. Sadly, for the nuns and their bureaucrats, their timing couldn’t have been worse.

Like so many other people and quarters of the Church, including many clergy, the officials at San Domenico have no desire to concern themselves with the souls in their charge because they do not want to alienate people and lose their money. This love of money and worldly acclaim, not to mention carrying through with psychosexual problems among a homosexual clergy rampant in the Church, is bringing the Church to its knees throughout the West. These nuns are living off the reputation of solid Catholic education and discipline while presenting themselves as a non-offensive education where students can arrive at their own truths.

One of two things should happen here — either take down all the statues and crucifixes and what not or put them all back up. Take them all down and be honest about who you really are and what you really think and drop the facade of Catholicism or put them all back up and profess The One True Faith and bring these young minds to Our Blessed Lord but stop trying to have it both ways you hypocritical ladies.

There was a time when orders of religious women had integrity and guts and love of the Faith but these financial charlatans and swindlers are revolting with their duplicity and double-dealing. How can you “empower” a 7 year old to arrive at “his own truth” or a 10 year old or 12 year old? C’mon ladies, drop the facade. You aren’t Catholic in any meaningful sense of the word. What a load of garbage.

You want to turn a tidy profit on wealthy, essentially agnostic, international families who want to dump their progeny in a boarding school with you pretending to hold forth a “values education,” which is rooted in nothing since you just tossed out the visible images of what such an education is rooted in. Socialist nuns and administrators, as well as bishops and priests and chancery rats and so forth — all too common in the Church these days — there’s not a thing about them that is Catholic. So they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with hiding behind the Church’s skirts when it profitable for them to do so.

EDITORS NOTE: This video originally appeared in The Church Militant.

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