We Were Winning … and so they started cheating

The web changed the public’s knowledge about Islam. Through the work of hundreds of bloggers, authors, and video postings, the public was educated about Islamic doctrine. These people dominated YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook and many article comment sections. Proponents of Islam and its apologists could not hold their own.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) then made money from the Left by publishing a “Hate List” which included Islamophobes, the ones teaching the world about Islamic doctrine. The SPLC raked in millions of dollars in donations by telling the world that the people who told the facts about Islam were bigots and haters.

Then the Silicon Valley billionaires decided they would punish those on the SPLC Haters List, and they came up with another idea: don’t let the “bigots” use the web. Google would suppress search results so the Islamophobes had lower rankings. PayPal would cut off donations to these haters. YouTube would start censoring videos and suppressing “likes,” and Twitter would shadow-bann certain tweets. They cannot win in a debate, so they crush by power and money.

This is web-based totalitarianism by those dedicated to the annihilation of the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech.

The Left and Islam cannot win in a fair fight, so they cheat.


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