VIDEO: James Damore — ‘Certain Dogmas You Can’t Dissent Against at Google’

Google officials did not tell him what was incorrect in his research-based observations about men and women before firing him, software engineer James Damore said in an interview Monday night on Fox News Channel.

Instead, Damore told Tucker Carlson, colleagues tried to “shame” him amid “huge, emotional outrage” rather than discuss the 10-page memo he wrote about challenges to the information giant’s diversity goals. The reason for his termination last week, he was told, was his “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

“There’s certain dogmas that you really can’t dissent against at Google, and one of them being that there’s any difference between people,” the soft-spoken former Google employee said.

Watch the video to find out why Damore, 28, says he wasn’t completely surprised by the reaction to his “trying to actually improve Google.”

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