An Open Letter to the American People: A Destiny-Changing Proposal

I’m reaching out to you to consider a needed message, God Bless America? His Rescue Plan…

It begins with this Prologue: “The Great Sign of Revelation 12” in the sky on September 23, 2017.

The sign, according to astronomers, is a complex convergence of aligning planets and constel-lations that unfolds over 9 months that fits Revelation 12:1,2. Starting September 23, 2017, the sun will be in the virgin, Virgo, and the moon will be at her feet. She will have a crown of nine stars and three planets in alignment making 12. Jupiter, symbol of deity, will be in the womb area, exiting at her feet. A 90-sec YouTube video asks us what it means.

Christians might think the child that is birthed and caught up to heaven would be Christ, but if God guides the stars and if He meant this sign to be about the birth of Christ, He is 2000 years late.

But we know God is on time, and He’s the Author of nature and the Bible. We should wonder if the Bible explains what nature doesn’t? The answer is Yes!…

God called Israel His “first-born” in Exodus 4:22, but 1st-born implies another event. Paul supports this when he included the Exodus in writing that “All those things happened to them for examples …ends of the world.” 1 Corinthians 10:1,11. The Exodus then, is an example of an event that’s impending, signaled by the imagery of Revelation 12:1,2. It’s also the imagery of ‘travail on a woman with child’ when the ‘day of the Lord’ (end-times) comes with sudden destruction in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

America has many parallels to Egypt as the greatest nation then and now.

  1. They killed babies; the United States has aborted over 60 million babies.
  2. Egypt was a source of food in times of famine as America is for some nations now.
  3. Israel went to Egypt in a famine. Pioneers came when the Bread of Life was banned by the papacy in medieval times. Pioneers risked their lives for relief.
  4. Egypt enslaved Israel, but the United States has enslaved most of its people with alcohol, tobacco, drugs and bondage to food, gambling, greed, crime, sex, perversion, music videos, games, TV, etc.

God is going to execute judgment on the United States as He did on Egypt. Then Israel made a covenant at Sinai and they became God’s kingdom and Bride, Exod 19:5,6; Jer 3:14. This brings us to a more biblical understanding of the wedding parables, not a rapture. Readiness for the calamity in those parables is the key to high destiny. The Rule of 1st Use helps us understand them. For example…

The cry at midnight in Matthew 25:6 is first found in Exodus 12:29,30 as calamity fell on Egypt. The ‘knock’ in Luke 12:36 is an earthquake because Laodicea (where He knocked) ended that way. “The day of the Lord’ begins with an earthquake in Joel 2:10,11; Paul says ‘sudden destruction.’

God Bless America? shows how we can be ready for that event by ‘watching’ on the eve of Pass-over (all the wedding parables have Passover imagery) and it’s the authentic night for communion and the key to high destiny, Luke 12: 35-37,44.

If readiness for the event that affects destiny is important to you, please reply with a request for God Bless America? His Rescue Plan and How We Can Be “Ruler Over All That He Has.” He is offering us a huge reward and it must be important to Him for our answering His end-time call.

Thank you for considering this message. May God bless and guide America.

EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy. His latest book, God Bless America? is subtitled His Rescue Plan & How We Can Be ‘Ruler Over All That He Has,’ is offered at no charge this Saturday, October 16th, 2017 at

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