Former Navy SEAL has an answer to the North Korea Problem

Kim Jong Un has hardly the,resources to reach “military equilibrium” with the, U.S.

Having said that he is demonstrating that by starving his people he is endeavoring to punch way above his geo political weight class with rapid progress in both nukes and mobile missile successes.

If you watched the eye opener CNN “Secret State” hour long report last night on what life is like inside the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea the starving population is beholden to thought control by their dear leader with the threat of torture and death in the gulags for any opposition. The documentary showed what happened to the late 22 year old Otto Warmbier who was beaten into a vegetative state for allegedly tearing a propaganda poster off a hotel wall. The documentary noted that North Korea is detaining three Korean Americans. That thought control extends to hatred of all Americans who those average North Korean interviewed in the documentary believe caused the 1950 war that murdered hundreds of thousands of their people.

Watch CNN’s special report “Secret State: Inside North Korea.”

The propaganda poured into the minds of North Korean kids and adults looks like an Orwellian world on the Korean Peninsula. That was evident in the CNN presentation by a veteran U.S. journalist who made 12 trips there and on this trip had access to hidden aspects of the Secret Society under the ever present gaze of minders. A North Korean Lieutenant Colonel interviewed believes that the DMZ is on a war footing. That is reflected even among North Koreans living less than 3 miles from a dynamic South Korea who believe they are better off. Bizarre.

The CNN documentary bolsters former Navy Seal Jocko Willink’s proposal to flood the country with cellphones and free WiFi to burst the hard shell of dear leader suffocating propaganda that verges on being near religious devotion with children captured on video at a privileged summer camp saying the dear leader loves them more than their own parents.

That is what the U.S. and the West are up against.

Kim Jong Un says he’s seeking military ‘equilibrium’ with US

SEOUL/UNITED NATIONS – North Korea said on Saturday it aims to reach an “equilibrium” of military force with the United States, which earlier signaled its…


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