Are our Universities creating Socialists, Communists and Fascists?

I am an octogenarian and never before have I feared for the continuation of our Constitutional Democracy. Yes over the years there were periods where socialists, communists and fascists threatened our Democracy but these were not serious threats because they arose from a limited number of malcontents. Something different is happening today. These malcontents are being created in our universities.

When an opinion writer in the Washington Post, a liberal newspaper and Democrat Party supporter, writes: “The Democrats have become Socialists” we know the threat is real.


“When Bernie Sanders launched his bid for the Democratic nomination, he was often asked whether he, a democratic socialist, would actually become a Democrat. Now, more than a year after he ignited a movement with his unsuccessful bid, that question is moot. The Democrats have become socialists”.

Never before has either of the two major Party’s  (Democrat or Republican) ever been infiltrated by Socialists and communists to the current degree who espoused Socialist/Communist/Fascist  doctrine as today. Last year Bernie Sanders almost garnered the Democrat Presidential nomination and in 2020 either Sanders or one of his like minded supporters  may very well become the Democrat nominee and could go on to become president..

Socialists, Communists and fascists achieve power by promising utopia but historically deliver fascism and mayhem. What makes this so serious now is that our education system especially our Universities have been largely taken over by teachers whose goal is to fundamentally change America and convert it into a Socialistic society.This is why they espouse open borders with people and voters who look to government to provide for them. In Maryland they propose to have non-citizens vote. The change they support and teach our young people is that Socialism is superior to Capitalism and the lie that America is a supremacist white nation. Never mind that that Socialism has failed in every country while America is the envy of almost of everyone in the world. No major country has a better standard of living. This is why millions of people wish to emigrate to America and so few wish to leave.

The riots and virtual anarchy of students in many Universities and the effort to deny free speech by violence to opposition speakers is a product of the left wing educators who seek to recreate young people in their own image.  This is the real danger to America because many of these students will eventually become politicians and enter into the media. This has been happening under the radar for many years and has erupted as a biased left wing media and biased political environment inconsistent with free speech and Democracy. It is an attack on our fundamental values.

In April and again this month the University at Berkley Ca.spent $600,000 or more to maintain order so that two different conservative speakers could speak. These left wing demonstrators have succeeded in seriously intimidated other students who wished to hear the speakers.  Conservative are under threat of violence at many Universities. These left wing anarchists are in the mold of Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’ who attacked Jews and burned books to silence opposition.

Whether enough police security can protect free speech is not the issue..  The issue is what are these students being taught that causes such deplorable anti American behavior.

At the University of Va. students draped a black tarpaulin over the statue of Thomas Jefferson who wrote our Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Jefferson was one of the greatest thinkers of his day and was largely responsible for our Constitution which created the most Democratic and prosperous country in the world. He also founded the University of Va. He may have had some flaws. But who among us has none. The issue is what is being taught in our universities so that Thomas Jefferson and his achievements are disregarded and they focus on his flaws? Are we reaching a point where George Washington will also be maligned?

Many question the value of a college education. Maybe we should be asking what damage are our Universities doing to the minds of our youth and future leaders.

Please read this New York Daily News article by Nichole Hensley to understand.

University of Virginia students cover Thomas Jefferson statue with tarp during rainy protest

University of Virginia students scaled a statue of Thomas Jefferson to shroud the idol in darkness during a rainy day protest Tuesday.

The students covered the statue with a black tarp and proudly posed with the slick bronze figure. Dozens of protesters on the Charlottesville, Va., campus chanted and condemned the founding father as a racist and rapist.

The city of Charlottesville similarly cloaked two Confederate war memorials of Gen. Robert e. Lee and Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson after a violent clash that left one peaceful protester dead in August.

“The same moderates who condemn the hate that came to Charlottesville one month ago fetishize the legacy of Jefferson, and imagine him as our collective moral compass,” one woman shouted to the crowd, according to the Daily Progress.

“We can and must condemn the violence of one month ago and simultaneously recognize Jefferson as a rapist, racist, and slave owner,” the speaker added.

The protesters cleared the Rotunda around midnight, leaving the statue covered and a large banner tied to its base. It read, “Black Lives Matter” and “F–k white supremacy.”

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