Islamic Supremacists join NFL by taking a knee

The United West stands AGAINST this insane action to disrespect America!

Now, take a look at the headline that the Council on American Islamic Relations – Kentucky (CAIR-KY) has posted on their Facebook page (below).

Understand the meaning of what they say. They continuously state: “Freedom and Justice” as a mantra they promote.

Here is what that phrase really means: Freedom from man’s laws (i.e. the U.S. Constitution and U.S. laws) and Justice by following Islamic (Shariah) law.

Yet… the untrained ear thinks like a Westerner and supports CAIR in this endeavor!

Linda Sarsour (second from left in red hijab) an Islamic supremacist and proponent of Islamic (shariah) law, taking a knee with raised BLM fist.

#TakeaKnee PHOTO: #CAIR-KY and SHARE-KY “Taking a Knee in Support of Freedom and Justice” Taken at a meeting at Masjid Bilal earlier today (9/24/2017). CAIR-Kentucky Chair Waheeda Muhammad,


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